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Crush Or Flush First Basemen

Thomas McFeeley Staff Writer February 15, 2017 12:17AM EDT
First base is like the toy store of Fantasy Baseball. Almost everywhere you look, you can find one you’d be happy with if Santa left him under the Christmas tree. There are two signs of caution at first base though: lack of athleticism and the emergence of the platoon first basemen. There seem to be fewer everyday first basemen in baseball, so the position is becoming a bit like running back in football. You need to grab a bell cow first baseman, but throughout the draft you should stockpile others.

When you think about it, with roster spots for 1B, Corner Infield, and some sort of utility/DH slot, you can essentially start three first basemen every day. If you plan your draft well, and know where the emerging (or returning from injury) first basemen are in the draft, you could draft 80 HRs at 1B alone. That gives you a lot of flexibility in finding steals or focusing on higher batting averages at other positions.

There’s a lot to like at first base, but like I said injuries and time-share situations emerge, so the attentive owner who checks pitching matchups each day will be able to roster (and stream) more first basemen. And, if you have, for example, four good first basemen on your roster there will be at least a couple of teams struggling at a position that should be a sure thing.

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