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Crush or Flush Third Basemen

Thomas McFeeley Staff Writer February 22, 2017 9:42AM EDT
Anytime you have power spikes in baseball, third basemen are part of that increase. I do think 2017 is the rare case when power is deeper at third base than at first base. A hitter like Nick Castellanos, who has 25 HR potential, is the 24th third baseman off the board, after the #200 draft spot typically.

You can be a bit more selective with third basemen in your draft. You don’t need to grab Kris Bryant or Josh Donaldson at the top of your draft. With good sources of power in Adrian Beltre (70), Evan Longoria (101), Jacob Turner (115), Jake Lamb (164), Mike Moustakas (255) and Castellanos (265), you can easily plan your power output at 3B deep into the draft. In fact, you might pass up Bryant for an outfielder (especially if you need five) or a player like Jose Altuve, knowing speed will be harder to obtain than outright power throughout your draft.

There is a lot to like at third base. While Bryant and Donaldson deserve their top-of-the-draft status, there are a lot of nice options at third base, spread nicely around the draft. You don’t want to miss out, so if you forgo the top third basemen and someone else reaches for, say Beltre or Turner, you’ll want to know exactly where others are being drafted and bump them up a round.  But there are options, and third base is a position you shouldn’t have to worry about in your draft.

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