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Tony Romo Looks To Return To Fantasy Relevance In 2017

Adam Filadelfo Staff Writer March 11, 2017

With free agency now in full effect, we will be seeing some familiar faces finding new homes in the NFL. Some of these changes will have an impact on their Fantasy values while some will not have Fantasy relevance but will have an impact on their team in real life. Welcome to the free agency period in the NFL.

Tony Romo, Quarterback – The Cowboys are trying to trade Romo. Some of the more obvious choices would be quarterback-needy teams such as the Jets, 49ers, Texans and Broncos. A move to Houston would be a short trip coming from Dallas where all Romo needs is in place for him to succeed. There are playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, as well as a stout defense. The Jets need a quarterback, but they look to be in rebuild mode, and a veteran quarterback with an injury history is probably not the way to go in New York.

Will Tony Romo return to Fantasy relevance on a new team in 2017? (Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)

Will Tony Romo return to Fantasy relevance on a new team in 2017? Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire

A few months ago, there was rumor that Romo may be headed for Denver and given that the Broncos missed the playoffs in 2016, there’s a chance that still happens. Like the Texans, all the right tools are there for Romo to be successful and take the Broncos back to the playoffs. Then there’s the 49ers, who just signed Brian Hoyer to a multi-year deal, but nobody expects him to be the starter once the season begins. He may just be keeping the seat warm until the 49ers sign Romo. Regardless, he will have a new home soon.

Colin Kaepernick, Quarterback – While there are plenty of teams that need a quarterback, not every team may want to take a chance on Kaepernick in 2017. For starters, he didn’t have great numbers, as he averaged just over 21 Fantasy points per game last season and scored 20 or more Fantasy points in only six of his 11 games played. Then there’s the deal with bringing unwanted attention to himself and his team during his national anthem protest. Between poor statistics and the bad publicity, not many teams may want to take a chance on him. The team that makes the most sense would be the Jets. They are in desperate need of a quarterback and are clearly not in win-now mode, which will give Kaepernick time to acclimate to a new environment.

Jay Cutler, Quarterback – As awful as Cutler was in 2016, there will be some teams looking to add him to their roster. The Jets come to mind considering they need a quarterback to help in rebuilding the roster. The Browns can be a potential suitor for Cutler as they need a quarterback more than any team in the NFL. Whichever team signs him, you can bet his fantasy value will remain close to what it has been for the past few years … low.

Adrian Peterson, Running Back – Some of the teams AP has been linked to since being given his walking papers by the Vikings are the Seahawks, Giants, Cowboys and Raiders. The Raiders and Cowboys don’t seem like the most likely of landing spots for him seeing how both have more than component backs already. The Seahawks would do well to have a stud at the position since they haven’t been able to solidify that position since Marshawn Lynch retired.

The Giants would be a nice fit since they have no semblance of a run game whatsoever. With the signing of Brandon Marshall, the G-Men look to be all in on the passing game again in 2017, so AP might not be needed there either. He’s an aging veteran who is coming off an injury-plagued season that saw him play in just three games. If he ends up on any of these teams, the team that makes the most sense would be the Seattle Seahawks.

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