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Jonathan Bales Staff Writer April 2, 2012 10:41PM EDT
Trent Richardson is the cream of the crop in the 2012 running back class, offering a unique combination of quickness, agility and power. I watched five complete games of Richardson’s, and what stood out most is his consistency. He doesn’t miss holes, he doesn’t dance in the backfield, and he doesn’t drop passes. Richardson’s versatility and track record makes him one of the safest picks in the 2012 Draft.

In the game against Florida, you can see an example of Richardson’s skill set at the 3:48 mark. He combines quick-twitch ability with elusiveness and power to make plays like this all the time. He’s consistently pushing the pile forward and has a knack for contorting his body to avoid contact, maintaining his balance better than any back I’ve studied in the last few years.

In the year of the quarterback, Trent Richardson stands tall among the running backs. Photo Credit: Icon SMI

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