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Doug "RotoDaddy" Anderson Senior Writer April 6, 2012 11:01AM EDT
As the first day with more than one game, I’m gonna consider Thursday our true Opening Day. I’m not even going to get into how MLB has completely derailed the excitement that is supposed to come with the beginning of the baseball season. First the ridiculous regular season games in Japan, where both teams returned to play more Spring Training games. I understand trying to increase the popularity of MLB worldwide, but frankly I’m pissed off that our national pastime played its first games in a different country. They could have easily accomplished the same goals with exhibition games. Then we wait a week for a one-game series in Miami. Again, there was one game played and MLB decided to buck tradition and take the opener away from Cincy. So then we have seven games last night (Thursday) and nine games today (Friday). So as of this writing there are still teams that have not played almost a week and a half after “Opening Day.” I have yet to talk to anyone who likes the way MLB has handled the beginning to this season. Bud Selig, next time just ask and I’ll tell you how stupid your ideas are.

I guess I did get into MLB and their ridiculous schedule. Now on to the stuff that we’re all here for; there are games in the books and Fantasy results to talk about.

First of all, I love good pitching, but have the offenses returned from Arizona and Florida? The teams that played yesterday averaged less than 2.5 runs per game, and they needed a three-run jack by Toronto’s J.P. Arencibia in the 16th inning to do that.

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