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Stick a Fork in Jose Bautista, He’s Done!

George Kurtz Staff Writer April 21, 2017 4:35PM EDT

Placing Starling Marte on the Who’s Not list was too obvious, so I didn’t bother. Obviously, a player who isn’t going to be in the lineup until July isn’t going to be able to help your Fantasy team now. The question is whether or not you should keep him on your roster while he is serving his 80-game suspension. The first consideration is bench size. If you only have a three-man bench, then your decision has been made for you; he has to go. However, if your bench is five-plus then you may be able to ride out the suspension. Marte will still have value when he returns. Yes, he’s not a Top 250 player now, but he will still be eligible to play approximately 75 games upon his return. He may still hit .300 with 15-20 stolen bases and a handful of HRs during this time. I’m not anxious to get rid of him, not until injuries or top players on the waiver wire leave me no choice. Don’t just release him because you’re angry about his getting caught for using PEDs.

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