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Fantasy Baseball: Is Chris Owings For Real? | What’s Wrong with Gregory Polanco?

George Kurtz Staff Writer April 28, 2017 9:58PM EDT

At what point is a player no longer considered “hot” or “cold”? Is it a couple of weeks into the season? A couple of months? So much goes into this question. Does the player have a track record of success or not? My general rule of thumb when it comes to Fantasy Baseball players is that if they have played in the league for multiple seasons, then they will probably eventually put up the same numbers they always do. So if that player is underperforming, I will give them more time. That’s not to say I just put my head in the sand and start them no matter what. I might look at their K percentage. Are they striking out more than they normally do? How about FB/GB percentage? If the player is a HR hitter but can’t get the ball in the air, well that’s a problem. Generally, though, my first look at players is on May 1. That’s not to say I will start cutting players, but now they are on my radar. If come Memorial Day, those players haven’t improved, then it may be time to move on.

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