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Hitters Who are More Valuable in Points Leagues

Michael Florio RotoExperts Staff Writer May 10, 2017 6:31PM EDT
I spent a lot of time during the preseason identifying hitters that were more valuable in points leagues than in traditional Rotisserie leagues. With Rotisserie being the more popular, and more talked about format, I believe that there is a Roto bias in which Fantasy players are naturally drawn to the 5 x 5 stats. By doing this, they are discounting stats that factor into points leagues.

Three big stats that get overlooked are walks, doubles and strikeouts. While they may tie into the big five Roto stats, they do not have a direct impact on the results like they do in points leagues. In many point leagues, players are rewarded two points for a double, one for a walk and -0.5 for every hitter strikeout.

Heading into the season I identified hitters who hit 30 doubles, had a walk rate greater than 10 percent, and a strikeout rate lower than 15 percent. I decided to revisit those numbers, using players with the same rates and six or more doubles, putting them on pace to reach 30.

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