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The Challenge Champs vs Pros Fantasy Game, Rules & Cast Preview

Patrick Mayo Staff Writer May 13, 2017 9:00AM EDT

The Challenge Champs vs Pros Fantasy Game, Rules & Cast Preview

FNTSY Sports Network’s Pat Mayo and Ashley Docking preview the six-episode mini season of MTV’s The Challenge Champs vs Pros. They discuss the player Fantasy pricing, the scoring rules, debate the prospects of every cast member, and make their picks for the season

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The Challenge Champs vs Pros: How to Sign Up

  1. Sign Up Here: Public League | Create a League | Official Pat Mayo Hour League
  2. Once you’ve created your team, click “Manage Lineups”
  3. In the popup click “Set Team Lineup”
  4. Select players then click “Finish” to complete

The Challenge Champs vs Pros: Fantasy Team Rules

Each cast member has been assigned a dollar value. Your Challenge Champs vs Pros Fantasy team will consistent of any five cast members, as long as their total salaries don’t add up to over $100. There is a $100 salary cap in place for every team. Whichever cast member you set in your first roster spot will be your TEAM CAPTAIN and they will score an receive a 10% bonus on every point they score all season.

Remember: YOU ONLY PICK YOUR TEAM ONCE and All teams must be submitted before the beginning of Episode 1.

Deadline to Submit Teams: Tuesday May 16th at 9:00pm EST.

The Challenge Champs vs Pros: Cast, Fantasy Pricing & Show Index

1:28 How to Play/Where to Sign Up
1:58 Scoring/Rules
7:35 Ashley K. ($9)
17:30 Ashley M. ($9)
21:07 Camila ($25)
23:04 Cara Maria ($25)
26:04 Veronica ($16)
28:37 CT ($33)
32:19 Darrell ($23)
34:12 Johnny Bananas ($41)
39:01 Jordan ($11)
42:20 Wes ($28)
44:11 Challenge Champs vs Pros Trailers
45:17 Tia Blanco ($16)
46:30 Louise Hazel ($30)
48:43 Lindsey Jacobellis ($21)
50:12 Lolo Jones ($24)
51:52 Candice Wiggins ($21)
54:16 Gus Kenworthy ($27)
56:22 Shawne Merriman ($21)
58:56 CM Punk ($9)
1:00:25 Louis Vito ($21)
1:01:25 Kamerion Wimbley ($21)
1:02:40 Picks To Win

The Challenge Champs vs Pros: Fantasy Scoring


Winning a regular challenge: 60 Points
Winning an elimination : 30 Points
Winning Challenge As Captain: 10 Points
Sharing Prize Money: 5 Points
Winning Final Challenge: 80 Points


Verbal fighting: 10 Points
Disqualification for reason other than injury: -30 Points
Contestant gives a toast: 10 Points
Dancing with Victor Cruz or making Victor Cruz Salsa Dance: 5 Points
Forming Secret Alliance: 15 Points


Nudity (Butt or Frontal): 15 Points
Open mouth kiss: 15 Points

Scores judged and posted by @cargileism

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