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Buy Low on These Pitchers Hurt by the HR: Tanaka, Tyler Anderson, Karns

Michael Florio RotoExperts Staff Writer May 17, 2017 12:51PM EDT
Chicks dig the long ball. That is probably a good thing given the spike in power we have seen over the past few years. I mean, is there really anything more fun than a massive shot exiting the stadium? Well, that is unless you are the guy on the mound.

There have been a good amount of pitchers negatively affected by allowing too many home runs. However, some have been so negatively affected that there is really no way it can sustain. That creates a buying opportunity for these pitchers. Let’s have some fun with HR/FB ratios!

The average HR/FB ratio this season is 13 percent. That is the highest it has been in any recorded season since 2002, which is the furthest back I was able to see HR/FB data on FanGraphs. This season’s mark is just ahead of last years 12.8 percent. Prior to last season, every other season in that span ranges between 9.4 percent and 11.4 percent. Knowing the league average HR/FB rate is important, but it is not the only tool.

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