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Nick Castellanos is Worth the Wait for Better Production | Sell Ervin Santana Now!

Michael Waterloo Staff Writer May 30, 2017 11:33AM EDT
In baseball and Fantasy Baseball, more than any other sport, we rely on the numbers. Football, basketball, hockey and their Fantasy counterparts are continuing to evolve with their advanced metrics, but baseball is still the king when it comes to numbers.

Now, depending who you talk to, you’ll hear different conclusions about how much stock you need to put into sabermetrics. Some will say to ignore it altogether since baseball has been around for so long without the metrics. Others will say that the results on the field (the “what”) are a direct correlation of the numbers (the “why”). Other will say there needs to be a balance, in which the numbers tell only part of the story but serve as a guide to help understand why something may or may not be happening.

When I want to break down a player’s performance, I look at the advanced metrics right away. The advanced metrics don’t make up 100 percent of my judgement, but I’d say that the numbers on the back of the baseball card are about 80 percent trustworthy as a reflection of the advanced numbers us stat nerds love. There is that 20 percent, though, and as a baseball fan, it’s frustrating when the numbers say to expect one thing, but the results on the field are polar opposite.

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