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Fantasy Executive News Desk: Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott Facing Possible Suspension

Corey Parson The Fantasy Executive July 14, 2017 5:09PM EDT

Fantasy Football owners! We are finally starting to get somewhere on the NFL’s investigation into domestic violence charges against Cowboys RB and Fantasy Football star Ezekiel Elliott. The investigation has been going on for over a year. Most people around the NFL thought the charges were much ado about nothing because Elliott was cleared by the Columbus Ohio police department. Today, ESPN NFL analyst, Adam Schefter, reported that there is a “growing sense” that the Cowboys’ star running back is facing a short suspension. Fantasy Football owners love what Elliot can do on the field. Trouble is, Elliott can’t keep himself out of the news cycle off the field. Now, with a possible suspension looming, Fantasy Football owners will have a decision to make.

First of all, let’s all remember that this is a developing story. Radio station 105.3 in Dallas, Texas is reporting that the Cowboys’ front office knows nothing about a possible suspension. I have a draft this weekend, and I plan on dropping Elliott to the sixth pick overall, below Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham, and Mike Evans in my rankings. David Johnson and Le’Veon Bell will remain at the top of draft boards. In point per reception leagues (PPR), Elliott will no longer be in the same tier as Bell and Johnson. My RB rankings in PPR leagues will not change. In standard leagues, I will drop Elliot to RB3. Elliott represents a tremendous buying opportunity if the falls any further than that.

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