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Executive Edge: Andrew Luck Injury Update

Corey Parson The Fantasy Executive August 3, 2017 9:33PM EST

My goal for the 2017 season is to make sure each and every Executive Edge subscriber is prepared and ready to go on draft day and every NFL Sunday. The Andrew Luck situation is one that we will be watching closely. Luck has put up insane QB 1 numbers since he has been in the league. So that’s a big deal. On the Fantasy Industry’s most controversial radio show The RotoExperts in The Morning, My guy Dr. A from Inside Injuries gave us his take on what he thinks could be going on with Andrew Luck. The Inside Injuries app will not let you down. Click on the video and hear what the Doc had to say about when he thinks Andrew Luck will be ready to go.

Andrew Luck was not the only quarterback in the news today. Earlier this morning news came out of Miami Dolphins camp that Ryan Tannehill went down with an apparent leg injury. The news seemed serious and Fantasy Football owners began to scramble. Everyone knows by now I’m not a Ryan Tannehill guy. I think he sucks. Myself, Scott Engel and Miko Grimes are board members on the Tannehill Stinks Fan Club. Listen I don’t wish injury on Ryan Tannehill or any other player so there were no real Fantasy Football implications for me.  Later on in the day reports came out that Tannehill avoided a major knee injury and I’m happy about that. One thing I have been saying is that if the Dolphins were to ever bench Tannehill I think it would really boost the stock of Dolphins Wide Receiver DeVante Parker. The kid Parker is a dynamic talent who many think will finally hit this season. I’m not of that belief mainly because of Tannehill. Parker also needs to learn the difference between being injured and hurt. The kid hasn’t done himself any favors but the Dolphins staff and many Fantasy Football analysts think this is his season. Check out my updated rankings to see how I feel about a potential Parker breakout.

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