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Executive News: The Fantasy Industry is Wrong on Brandin Cooks

Corey Parson The Fantasy Executive August 9, 2017 8:11PM EST

This time of year we hear and see a lot of stuff on player performance both good and bad coming out of NFL Training Camps. For example, Carlos Hyde has dominated the news cycle to start camps. One day, he may get cut the next day, he looks like Emmitt Smith out there. Brandin Cooks is a name that we have been hearing a ton of good things about coming out of New England Patriots camp. Cooks has impressed early on in his Patriots career. The Patriots are known for running an offensive scheme that is difficult for wide receivers to grasp.

When Brandin Cooks was first traded to the Patriots in the offseason, I thought to myself, wow, he will be a great asset to invest in for Fantasy Football owners. While in New Orleans, Brandin Cooks put up two seasons of over 1100 yards receiving. He scored 20 touchdowns in three seasons with the Saints. Cooks has also played in 16 games in each of the last two seasons. What is there not to like here? Well, for some odd reason many in the industry are not high on Brandin Cooks this season. They will say well, Tom Brady spreads the ball around to everyone. In this video for Executive Edge subscribers, I break down why those guys are wrong and where you should target Cooks on draft day.

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