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Why is Larry Bird chillin with Skeletor?

Mike Cardano, Senior Fantasy Analyst October 10, 2012

“So tell me… what happened to your foot?”

Ok, so you’re probably wondering, “What the hell is this?” The picture was sent to us by a reader (Greg Wetheral) explaining that it showed up in Reddit’s NBA thread on September 28th. The only thing we know about the mural is that it resides somewhere in an ice cream parlor…

So what do we make of this odd scene? Is certainly not graffiti. So what about the art? Certainly there are many questions about its meaning and what the artist was thinking.

1. Why is Larry Bird drinking a milkshake with Skeletor?

2. Did Bird break his right ankle and does that have anything to do with the meaning of the painting?

3. Skeletor appears to be smoking instead of eating ice cream or having a shake, what’s the deal there? Does Skeletor avoid ice cream because his head is just a skull and extremely susceptible to brain freeze? Perhaps Larry eats slowly and Skeletor already finished his, so now he’s politely waiting for bird?

4. What do you suppose they are talking about?

5. Is Skeletor a Boston Celtics fan? If so, who do you suppose Magic Johnson has ice cream and coffee with?

6. Are the two plotting something devious against Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny?

So many questions… Here’s the entire mural.

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