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Updated 2017 Fantasy Football Week 10 Rankings | Sleepers | Projections

Jake Ciely Senior Writer November 11, 2017 3:01PM EST
As we dive into the Week 10 rankings, it’s worth sharing the fact that you never know how crazy someone is. Trust me.

If any of you follow UFC, it’s the Cody Garbrandt personality. For those that aren’t aware, this is a guy that’s ticked off at T.J. Dillashaw for leaving team Alpha Male, and has called him a snake… that being one of the only things I can actually write uncensored. On the Ultimate Fighter show where they both coached, Garbrandt would call Dillashaw names, flick him off, etc., etc. every episode. Dillashaw sometimes fired back, but it was in those moments when Garbrandt’s lunacy was evident. Garbrandt would immediately try to jump Dillashaw and start a fight. Any time Dillashaw mocked him back, returned the finger, etc., Garbrandt wanted to fight.

The same thing happened to me this past weekend on the way home from Thor: Ragnarok (two big thumbs up!). We’ve all been aggravated while driving… unless you live somewhere where mass transit is easily accessible, like New York. Even then, you have surely been annoyed with someone sitting too close, walking too slow… smelling too much. As with Dillashaw and Garbrandt, the problem with confronting someone or expressing your frustration is that you never know the level of insanity inside that person.

I was in a bit of a hurry to get home (was trying to get there for poker and the UFC PPV, funny enough). The light leaving the theater was red, and when it changed, the person in front of me forgot where the gas pedal was. As we came to the next light, there was an empty lane to the left, which was two lanes away from the exit coming up on the right. I knew what I was doing. I knew I was about to be jerk-ish by accelerating aggressively once the light was green and getting over twice, but I was in a hurry and there was enough time that I didn’t have to cut anyone off… or so I thought.

Apparently, the car next to me thought I was trying to race after the light changed, or he just felt like he needed to prove his you-know-whats were bigger… who knows. As I got over the first time (yes, blinker used), he had sped up that it became a near cut-off situation, and when I got over a second time, he stuck to my bumper like glue. I initially chuckled, until he speed around me to the left, gave me the double finger (oooo, two!) and cut me off with little room to spare.

Now, I’m not proud of it, and I can count the number of times I’ve done this on one hand, but I was semi-agitated and returned the finger. Next thing I know, he’s slamming on his brakes trying to get me to ram into the back of his car. Fortunately, I had already backed off from this psycho and stopped in time. I then laughed at him and waved as he leaned out the window, staring me down in his side mirror and flicking me off more. I waved some more and said let’s go, you’re a moron, etc. (like he could hear me). He started to go again, heading to the same exit as I needed to take and then stopped dead in the street. I stopped behind him and was about to go around, but a car came up next to me and passed us, as the nut job and his friend got out of the car and started walking towards my car.

This is where it truly hit me that you never know just how crazy people are. I immediately picked up my cell phone and starting filming, and I (probably stupidly) started saying, “Yea, come on, do something. Let’s go. Do something!” After all, it’s not the movies, and trying to punch in a car window is going to break your hand. In hindsight, fortunately for me, he didn’t pull out a gun and instead got in the car, pulled onto the highway, flicked me off the entire time until I took my exit (filming the entire time just in case). You never know how loco someone is!

Oh, and in case you are wondering about the other outcome, Dillashaw knocked out Garbrandt at UFC 217 and was pretty pumped about it (rightfully so).

week 10 rankings

What does this have to do with Fantasy Football? It’s about making trades. You never know how crazy someone when it comes to valuing players. After Josh Gordon’s reinstatement, I had someone ask if they should accept a trade of Stefon Diggs for him. Earlier this year, I had readers and followers trading Kareem Hunt for Le’Veon Bell and additional assets. When I suggest my buy lows and sell highs in the waiver column, people often come back with, “There is no way I can sell high or buy low on said player.” I’m not telling you to offend another owner, but when it comes to making trades, don’t underestimate the potential that someone is a pinky shy of a hand… or should I say, middle finger.

TL;DR version – don’t underestimate the insanity of people; don’t return the middle finger while driving

As a reminder, if you missed this week’s Waiver Wire piece, click over to find help at every position, including Week 10 quarterback streamers.

Week 10 QB Sleepers

Ben Roethlisberger, PIT – Yes, it’s a road game, and Roethlisberger’s road splits are real and far from spectacular.

However, it’s also a road game against the porous Colts defense. That defense has allowed every opposing quarterback to throw for a touchdown, and that includes Tom Savage last week. Outside of Savage, every other quarterback has also topped 15 points with three over 20 points. The last time Big Ben threw for multiple touchdowns in a road game was Week 1, but it was against a similarly weak opponent, the Browns.

Week 10 RB Sleepers

Orleans Darkwa, NYG – Darkwa was quiet against the Seahawks, but he has 13.2, 13.0 and 7.9 Non-PPR points in his other three games since Week 5. He’s clearly the lead option for the Giants, and the 49ers have the worst run defense in the league. The top option for 49ers opponents is averaging 85 rushing yards, 2.9 receptions, 37 receiving yards and 18.3 Fantasy points (21.2 in PPR).

Matt Forte, NYJ – Yes, those were Forte’s first two touchdowns since Week 9 of last year, but he does have double-digit PPR points in four out of six games. Plus, the Jets are determined to use Forte as their top option when healthy, no matter what Bilal Powell or anyone else does. Fortunately, the Buccaneers defense is among the most favorable matchups for running backs, allowing seven rushing and two receiving touchdowns on top of 147 total RB yards per game. In fact, Powell is a nice Flex consideration as well.

Devontae Booker, DEN – He’s back baby.


Booker was here last week as a deep play in a thin week due to byes. In Week 10, Booker has even more upside for two reasons. First, C.J. Anderson has been disappointing of late. Additionally, Anderson is dealing with an injury – I know, shocking, right? – which puts his availability and usage in question.  Second, the Patriots allow the second most receiving yards per game to running backs, and even with a healthy Anderson, that’s more Booker’s role. Bonus third reason – the Patriots shouldn’t have much trouble scoring, thereby forcing the Broncos to pass more.

Week 10 WR Sleepers

Mohamed Sanu, ATL – Unless you’re new to my rankings and sleepers, you know that the Cowboys can’t defend the slot receiver. Sanu lines up the most and does the majority of his damage out of the slot. This matchup sets Sanu up for his highest ceiling to date. If Julio Jones is somehow out for Week 10, Justin Hardy would become a deep-league flier with some slot work of his own.

Cooper Kupp, LAR – All of the focus is on Robert Woods after his Week 9 performance. Woods is a strong play, but don’t overlook Kupp. Not only does Kupp have more red zone targets than Woods does, he leads the league with 15. We saw just how vulnerable the Texans defense can be with T.Y. Hilton torching them. With Jared Goff playing worlds better than he did last year and Kupp still seeing a high share of the targets, especially in the red zone, this could be Kupp’s biggest week yet.

Marquise Goodwin, NYG – Yes, Janoris Jenkins is back for the Giants, but Goodwin should see time against Eli Apple as well, and that matchup has been exploitable all year. With Pierre Garcon out, Goodwin had the second most targets last week (eight), only behind Carlos Hyde. Goodwin is also one of 11 receivers with double-digit red zone targets this year, but he’s the only one without a red zone touchdown. The Giants have allowed a league-high 11 red zone targets and eight touchdowns in the last four weeks (three games!). Two of those games were with Jenkins on the field too. Something has to give, and it’s likely to be the Giants defense.


Week 10 TE Sleepers

Eric Ebron, DET – This is digging deep at a miserable position. I mentioned Garrett Celek (against the Giants) in the waiver column, and Kyle Rudolph is an obvious play, as he’s facing the Redskins. Outside of streaming tight ends against the Giants and a player such as Rudolph that’s owned everywhere, Ebron is a sneaky sleeper. Yes, he’s disappointed owners and then some. Heck, I listed Ebron as droppable several weeks ago and am annoyed that we have to talk about him again.

However, the Browns are nearly on par with the Giants when streaming tight ends with six touchdowns allowed in eight games. And Ebron did get back in the mix against the Packers with four targets, three catches and 35 yards.

Fantasy Football Week 10 Rankings | Week 10 Flex Rankings

Fantasy Football Week 10 Projections: QBs

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1Russell WilsonSEA282.41.90.928.00.121.3
2Matthew StaffordDET275.
3Dak PrescottDAL247.91.70.521.20.219.3
4Tom BradyNE269.
5Cam NewtonCAR227.
6Jared GoffLAR261.
7Ben RoethlisbergerPIT282.
8Matt RyanATL278.
9Drew BreesNO284.
10Tyrod TaylorBUF216.01.40.528.90.217.3
11Josh McCownNYJ240.91.60.910.10.116.5
12Kirk CousinsWAS260.
13Marcus MariotaTEN224.91.40.817.70.216.3
14Andy DaltonCIN246.
15Ryan FitzpatrickTB249.
16Eli ManningNYG254.
17C.J. BeathardSF240.
18Case KeenumMIN251.
19Blake BortlesJAC207.51.20.817.80.214.7
20Jacoby BrissettIND232.01.00.716.30.114.7
21Brock OsweilerDEN249.
22Jay CutlerMIA235.
23Mitch TrubiskyCHI192.11.30.817.20.113.9
24Brett HundleyGB219.
25Philip RiversLAC236.
26DeShone KizerCLE227.30.91.520.60.113.2
27Drew StantonARI227.
28Tom SavageHOU200.

Fantasy Football Week 10 Projections: RBs

1Le'Veon BellPIT104.90.94.636.10.220.925.523.2
2Leonard FournetteJAC102.90.72.419.
3Todd GurleyLAR81.00.83.329.00.216.820.118.5
4LeSean McCoyBUF88.50.54.536.00.216.821.219.0
5Jordan HowardCHI92.90.61.512.50.114.916.515.7
6Carlos HydeSF68.80.54.429.60.113.818.216.0
7Mark IngramNO66.
8Melvin GordonLAC68.
9Devonta FreemanATL57.
10Alvin KamaraNO40.
11Lamar MillerHOU64.80.42.820.60.111.614.413.0
12Adrian PetersonARI72.20.51.610.40.011.513.112.3
13Bilal PowellNYJ55.10.33.525.80.211.414.913.2
14Christian McCaffreyCAR34.10.25.647.20.311.216.814.0
15Jerick McKinnonMIN53.40.33.724.20.210.614.212.4
16Orleans DarkwaNYG64.90.41.812.10.110.512.311.4
17Joe MixonCIN56.30.32.523.30.110.312.911.6
18DeMarco MurrayTEN55.40.42.416.
19Alfred MorrisDAL61.
20Doug MartinTB64.
21Chris ThompsonWAS32.
22Ameer AbdullahDET54.60.31.511.90.18.710.39.5
23Kenyan DrakeMIA50.40.32.315.70.08.610.89.7
24Tevin ColemanATL37.90.31.919.30.18.310.29.2
25Frank GoreIND47.40.31.915.00.08.310.29.2
26Aaron JonesGB43.30.32.418.
27Derrick HenryTEN47.
28Isaiah CrowellCLE46.
29C.J. AndersonDEN52.
30Duke JohnsonCLE23.00.14.337.60.17.411.79.6
31Latavius MurrayMIN47.
32Rod SmithDAL34.
33Thomas RawlsSEA43.
34Marlon MackIND310.22.620.
35Dion LewisNE42.
36James WhiteNE8.80.14.435.80.36.611.08.8
37Elijah McGuireNYJ33.10.21.514.
38Jonathan StewartCAR46.
39Damien WilliamsMIA30.00.12.518.
40Devontae BookerDEN25.70.22.822.
41Robert KelleyWAS440.
42Tarik CohenCHI24.70.12.924.
43Wayne GallmanNYG33.80.21.812.
44Ty MontgomeryGB31.80.21.813.
45Theo RiddickDET11.60.13.528.
46Chris IvoryJAC27.
47Rex BurkheadNE14.60.12.822.
48Matt BreidaSF20.40.22.317.
49D'Onta ForemanHOU38.
50Giovani BernardCIN17.
51Mike GillisleeNE30.30.300.
52Jamaal CharlesDEN24.30.11.712.
53Darren McFaddenDAL23.40.11.310.
54C.J. ProsiseSEA15.20.11.916.
55Mike TolbertBUF18.
56Shane VereenNYG6.80.02.519.
57Austin EkelerLAC14.10.11.510.
58Andre EllingtonARI2.702.721.
59Dwayne WashingtonDET16.
60Charles SimsTB7.
61T.J. YeldonJAC12.30.11.510.
62Peyton BarberTB16.
63J.D. McKissicSEA9.
64James ConnerPIT13.
65Kyle JuszczykSF3.
66Branden OliverLAC7.
67Justin DavisLAR9.
68Kerwynn WilliamsARI8.
69Cameron Artis-PayneCAR6.
70Paul PerkinsNYG7.400.42.901.01.41.2

Fantasy Football Week 10 Projections: WRs

1Antonio BrownPIT0.707.6102.80.614.021.617.8
2Julio JonesATL006.289.50.512.018.215.1
3A.J. GreenCIN006.082.60.511.317.414.3
4Doug BaldwinSEA0.806.376.90.510.616.913.8
5Michael ThomasNO006.679.30.410.316.813.6
6Golden TateDET0.905.868.50.49.615.412.5
7Dez BryantDAL005.
8DeAndre HopkinsHOU005.767.90.49.315.012.1
9Brandin CooksNE1.704.660.
10Marvin JonesDET0.504.462.
11Stefon DiggsMIN1.405.
12Demaryius ThomasDEN005.565.70.48.914.411.6
13Adam ThielenMIN0.005.668.80.38.814.511.6
14Sterling ShepardNYG0.804.961.
15Devin FunchessCAR004.
16Larry FitzgeraldARI005.759.
17Devante ParkerMIA004.557.70.47.912.410.2
18Jarvis LandryMIA1.
19Robby AndersonNYJ0.404.
20Mohamed SanuATL0.904.952.30.47.812.710.3
21DeSean JacksonTB0.404.
22JuJu Smith-SchusterPIT0.003.958.20.37.811.79.8
23Emmanuel SandersDEN004.756.90.47.812.510.2
24Cooper KuppLAR0.003.749.00.47.611.39.5
25T.Y. HiltonIND003.960.90.27.511.49.5
26Robert WoodsLAR1.204.352.80.37.411.79.6
27Ted GinnNO2.70.03.553.10.37.410.99.1
28Keenan AllenLAC005.359.00.27.312.710
29Tyler LockettSEA5.30.03.747.40.36.910.68.8
30Marqise LeeJAC1.804.
31Rishard MatthewsTEN0.003.951.50.36.810.78.8
32Davante AdamsGB004.
33Danny AmendolaNE004.444.60.36.510.98.7
34Marquise GoodwinSF0.
35Paul RichardsonSEA0.603.
36Kelvin BenjaminBUF003.
37Jermaine KearseNYJ003.445.
38Jordy NelsonGB003.847.
39Allen HurnsJAC003.443.
40Will FullerHOU0.803.
41Corey DavisTEN0.003.442.
42Josh DoctsonWAS002.742.
43Sammy WatkinsLAR002.842.
44Adam HumphriesTB003.
45Aldrick RobinsonSF3.503.
46Terrance WilliamsDAL004.
47Curtis SamuelCAR002.743.
48John BrownARI003.
49Kenny StillsMIA0.302.939.
50Randall CobbGB2.103.839.
51Martavis BryantPIT1.702.739.
52TJ JonesDET002.835.
53Cole Beasley DAL2.003.438.
54Jordan MatthewsBUF1.30.02.736.
55Chris GodwinTB003.538.
56Kendall WrightCHI003.338.
57Eric DeckerTEN002.433.
58Jamison CrowderWAS003.
59Tre McBrideCHI002.733.
60Ricardo LouisCLE003.
61Tavarres KingNYG003.
62Tyrell WilliamsLAC0.102.632.
63Brandon LaFellCIN0.102.632.
64Taylor GabrielATL002.430.
65Ryan GrantWAS002.329.
66Travis BenjaminLAC002.830.
67Russell Shepard CAR CAR002.531.
68Brandon ColemanNO002.
69Donte MoncriefIND2.
70Kendrick BourneSD002.
71Terrelle PryorWAS00226.
72Jaron BrownARI002.630.
73Deonte ThompsonBUF001.925.
74Dontrelle InmanCHI001.927.
75Roger LewisNYG002.
76J.J. NelsonARI0.60.01.929.
77Tavon AustinLAR20.
78Kenny BrittCLE002.328.
79Bennie FowlerDEN002.325.
80Bruce EllingtonHOU1.102.325.
81Willie SneadNO001.719.
82Bryce TreggsCLE0.701.624.
83Brice ButlerDAL001.319.
84Laquon TreadwellMIN0.001.719.
85Josh MaloneCIN0.101.6170.

Fantasy Football Week 10 Projections: TEs

1Rob GronkowskiNE5.168.60.610.615.713.2
2Evan EngramNYG5.566.70.59.715.312.5
3Jimmy GrahamSEA4.450.
4Cameron BrateTB4.446.80.47.311.79.5
5Jack DoyleIND5.955.
6Kyle RudolphMIN4.342.
7Austin Seferian-JenkinsNYJ4.644.
8Delanie WalkerTEN4.547.10.36.711.28.9
9Hunter HenryLAC3.641.
10Jason WittenDAL4.542.
11Vernon DavisWAS3.344.
12Tyler KroftCIN4.
13Charles ClayBUF3.641.
14Austin HooperATL3.
15Ed DicksonCAR3.
16Jordan ReedWAS3.333.
17Eric EbronDET2.629.
18O.J. HowardTB2.531.
19Garrett CelekSF2.527.
20Julius ThomasMIA2.929.
21David NjokuCLE3.
22Jesse JamesPIT2.
23A.J. DerbyDEN2.728.
24Tyler HigbeeLAR2.
25C.J. FiedorowiczHOU2.725.
26Marcedes LewisJAC2.
27Coby FleenerNO1.719.
28Jermaine GreshamARI2.
29Darren FellsDET1.617.
30Seth DeValveCLE2.
31Nick O'LearyBUF1.517.
32Vance McDonaldPIT1.520.
33Dion SimsCHI1.818.
34Jonnu SmithTEN1.314.
35Antonio GatesLAC1.514.
36Stephen AndersonHOU1.617.
37Gerald EverettLAR1.
38Lance KendricksGB1.
39Luke WillsonSEA1120.
40Josh HillNO1.
41Rhett EllisonNYG1.
42Adam ShaheenCHI1.
43Eric TomlinsonNYJ1.
44Richard RodgersGB1.
45Virgil GreenDEN0.

Main Image Credit: AP Photo/Seth Wenig


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