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Making the Case for a Johnny Manziel Heisman Trophy

Mike Cardano Senior Fantasy Analyst November 17, 2012 11:36AM EST

"Johnny Football" works on his Heisman pose last week against the might Alabama Crimson Tide

Most of the articles I write are generated by reader emails and opinions. Often there is a topic that’s either trending or popular in the news such as, was Mike Trout robbed of the AL MVP or does Tim Tebow suck where readers, for whatever the reason, feel the need to not only express their opinions to me, but to ask me for my thoughts on the topic. I have no idea why, I don’t know the majority of readers personally and frankly I’m really not sure what the hell even qualifies me to opine on any of this stuff, but since you guys seem to want to know what I think, I’ll keep answering…

When I opened my email this morning many of the reader emails had a common theme. In one form or another, the majority of emailers wanted to know who should win the Heisman, Johnny Manziel or Collin Klein. Since today is Saturday, a college football day where both of these kids are playing, I thought it would be appropriate to give you my thoughts.

Collin Klein clearly is on the better overall team and has the best opportunity to win. Conventional wisdom says that if Kansas State runs the table and goes on to win the BCS National Championship it’s hard to imagine that Manziel will win the award over Klein, particularly since Johnny’s just a freshman. But the season isn’t over yet and while K-State shouldn’t have any problems with Baylor today, the December 1st game against #15 Texas won’t be a pushover…

Forget about the fact that Manziel is a freshman though, these aren’t the Hershel Walker days. He’s had a “Heisman moment” on national TV beating Alabama, and his stats are, and will end up, better than Klein’s. As it stands today, Manziel has 2,780 passing yards and 18 TDs with 6 INTs while Klein only has 2,020 passing yards with 12 TDs and 3 INTs. Manziel also has more rushing yards, 1,014 to 748 with only 2 more carries. Manziel will have the chance to pad his stats today against Sam Houston (how much do they get paid for being on the Aggie’s schedule) and Texas A&M should be able to handle Missouri in their last regular season game. Add in the fact that Manziel has already become a legend with a pending trademark, and all the stars are aligned “Johnny Football” to win the Heisman.

If Texas beats Kansas the trophy is Manziel’s to lose. If not, Johnny will have to plaster himself all over ESPN’s highlight reels the last two weeks in order to have a shot. Given how much that would mean to A&M from a monetary standpoint, I think head coach Kevin Sumlin gives him that chance to shine…

Breaking News: Manziel Vaults to Heisman Front Runner Amid BCS Chaos


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