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Larry, Curley, Moe, Rodney and Rex

Mike Damergis, Staff Reporter November 23, 2012

The Jets warm up for Week 13. Photo Credit: 9teen87's postcards.

I was too young to remember the 3-11 seasons in the 1970s; just old enough to be excited about the New York Sack Exchange in the ’80s; started to get fed up with the ruse of Bruce Coslet and Rich Kotite in the ’90s; had my heart broken under the weight of a large Tuna in 2000; Herm talked a good game but couldn’t coach one; Mangini was no genius and now 2012 – what a T-Rex of mess!

It’s not bad enough to lose, but to be made a mockery on Thanksgiving is another story.

My father and youngest sister made the trip up from Virginia Beach to support their team. A 49-19 embarrassing loss is what Woody Johnson’s crew gave them in return.

This was almost comical – please cue “The Three Stooges” theme music when playing the Jets highlights.

Let’s take a breath and think about this performance if you even can call it that. Mark Sanchez running into the posterior of offensive lineman Brandon Moore, then fumbling the ball and having it returned for a touchdown.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Sanchez is more of a weapon for the opposing team’s offense than he is for the Jets. When he has the ball, I’m more concerned about the other team scoring than the Gang Green. Isn’t there something wrong with that?

T-Rex doesn’t see it that way. NO – Big Rex is standing by his man – WHY??????

Hey, wasn’t “Stand by Your Man” a song by Tammy Wynette?

The Jets are now 4-7 and were clearly outmatched by the Patriots – yet again! Rivalry – really? There is no rivalry. The Pats are a great franchise and the Jets are a farce of a team!

The time has time to part ways with the general manager Mike Tannenbaum and their head coach. Enough is enough already.

Yes, the “rebuilding” word is in the plans yet again. It seems the Jets rebuild, re-modify or whatever you want to call it every five years.

This time the needs are immense as Rex’s belt size used to be. They need a quarterback, a running back, offensive linemen, a pass rusher, one or two receivers – how about they need everything…

The real Jets GM?

Actually, Woody should just act like Rodney Dangerfield’s character Thornton Mellon in “Back to School” and say “I need one of these, two of those and three of these.”

Maybe that will be Rex’s next career? He can star in the remake of the 1985 classic. I can just see him sing “Twist & Shout.”

This is how sad the Jets are, I’m writing about them and I’m referencing The Three Stooges and Rodney Dangerfield.

Rex says the team is giving everything they have. Well, that’s not enough. From the general manager to the coaches and the players and above all – the quarterback. Sanchez is just awful and there is no other way to put it.

The great QBs like John Elway and Dan Marino played on average teams but led their teams to a Super Bowl.

Look at the difference that Peyton Manning has made in Denver this year or Andrew Luck in Indy or R.G. III in D.C.

The Giants fans know it’s all about the QB. What if Sanchez was at the helm for Big Blue – would they be two-time champs over five seasons? NOT!

I now feel the misery of Mets fans. The difference is that I only have to suffer 16 times a year as opposed to 162…

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