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Adam Zdroik Staff Writer November 27, 2012 12:43PM EDT
These rankings encompass all major positions, and whether you’re in an easy living 10-teamer or a ‘My team has no depth’ 14-player league, you’ll find who you’re looking for. I’ll even throw in some lesser-known commodities for those in 20-team leagues.

There aren’t any significant injuries at the QB position, which makes this list mainly useful in deeper leagues.

  1. Colin Kaepernick (CBSSports.com: 52%, NFL.com: 10.2%) – He looks like the obvious choice, as the 49ers will probably go with Kaepernick from here on out. He has one of the best running games in the league and has been slinging passes pretty well. Still, don’t overrate him over the usual Top 12 QBs.
  2. Chad Henne (CBS: 19%, NFL: 2.7%) – Chenne had another solid performance for the Jags, as they grabbed win No. 2. He should be able to find some room vs. the Bills.
  3. Ryan Tannehill (CBS: 21%, NFL: 6.1%) – The Patriots have been playing really good defense lately, but they are still lacking in their secondary.
  4. Jake Locker (CBS: 23%, NFL: 37.2%) – Houston’s defense has disappeared lately, so there’s that. Locker has a decent running game and solid receivers and should continue to put in average numbers.
  5. Sam Bradford (CBS: 45%, NFL: 10.4%) – He actually had a decent game at SF and the Rams are starting to run the ball a lot better, which helps.
  6. Brandon Weeden (CBS: 24%, NFL: 2.6%) – The Raiders are just getting rocked lately no matter who they play, and Weeden has shown he can have a good game here and there.
  7. Christian Ponder (CBS: 31%, NFL: 14.3%) – Not sure who would start Ponder this week, but the Packers are beat up.

Moreno is the starter, grab him while you can. Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall

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