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Oakland Fan Jumps From Stands After Manning TD Pass

Mike Cardano Senior Fantasy Analyst December 7, 2012 9:37AM EST

Fans in the lower level of "The Black Hole" taunt the man, daring him to jump

The Associated Press is reporting that shortly after kickoff last night, a man fell from the upper deck at Oakland Coliseum during Thursday’s Raiders-Broncos game. Oakland police state that the man fell from the third deck on to the concrete of the lower concourse at about 5:30 p.m. and is currently listed in serious condition. Initial reports called the fall an accident but that it remains under investigation.

RotoExperts has done it’s own investigation into the matter however and all signs point to a suicide attempt. Let’s look at the facts…

– Sources say that the guy was openly fond of Roger Goodell as the Commissioner apparently seemed willing to help fund a new stadium for his favorite team. But when news came out that Goodell said that he was thinking about eliminating kickoffs yesterday, all his friends started making fun of Goodell during tailgating activities. Reportedly the man was depressed before walking into the stadium.

– The Raiders have not had a winning season in 10-years and fans in “The Black Hole” are desperate and desolate in spirit.

– There appears to be no hope on the horizon. Oakland’s divisional foes are planning to fire their coaches, opposing players are killing themselves and the Raiders still can’t win games.

Peyton Manning’s 6-yard TD pass to Joel Dreessen came just 4:30 into the game on Denver’s opening drive. This corresponds precisely with the time of the fall.

– The Broncos are the only good team in the division. When Manning threw his 30th TD pass off the year on the opening drive, the fan knew there would be no way Oakland could win the game. We think the guy couldn’t take it anymore and just jumped.

– Nearby fans reportedly heard the man mutter something about going to talk to Al Davis as he walked to the railing just before the fall.

– Fans in the lower level of “The Black Hole” were taunting the man, daring him to jump.

– Par for the course, it appears that the Raiders fan will be unsuccessful in his efforts. At this point, thankfully, it looks like the man will survive the fall. Unfortunately however, he’ll now have to endure more Raiders games…


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