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The Problem with the Coverage of Soccer is Too Much Foreplay

Mike Cardano Senior Fantasy Analyst December 29, 2012 10:07AM EST

Geneses Tapia shows us her very nice, round, ball...

“The reason professional soccer is not popular in the United States is that there is not enough offense.” You hear that comment all the time and it’s true. There just is not enough scoring in soccer to appease the majority of the American public. I’ve long been an advocate of placing two balls in play at the same time to spice up the game a bit, but that’s a topic for another day…

Think about it, if the NFL routinely played 3-0 games (decided by just one field goal) intense fan interest would not be in that game either; nor would the majority of Americans watch MLB if those games routinely ended 1-0. Sure there are hard core football fans who would appreciate great defense and there would be baseball purists who love the aspects of pitching and defense too, but the mass-popularity of these sports comes because of interest in watching offense. And that goes for basketball too. When was the last time you saw a NBA All-Star Game where anyone played defense? Lack of scoring it’s partly the reason that the NHL isn’t as popular as the other major team sports too. (Again, see the scores of NHL All-Star Games.)

But there is another problem with soccer, the coverage of the sport itself is way too complicated. It’s confusing. Let’s take South America where Soccer or futbol is by far the most popular sport played in the land. You would think they would have this down like the NFL Network. Suppose you wanted to get a simple weather report for the big game coming up. Maybe you want to wager on the game or perhaps you were going to it and wanted to know what to wear. You might even be playing in the game and want to know what cleats to wear. Look what happens when you tune in to see what the weather will be for the big game.

The title of the video suggests that there is a woman, Geneses Tapia, who would be giving her first weather report on TV. But after watching this, I’m so aroused confused… In fact, I have absolutely no idea what the hell is going on here. I started out thinking that this was going to be the weather report for big soccer match somewhere in South America, and what I got was visual foreplay!

In summary, the coverage of soccer is way too complicated for the simple game that it is. I’m all for getting aroused, but there needs to be a firewall between getting a boner and watching sports; unless of course it’s bowling we are talking about. But that’s more of a recreation then a sport…


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