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Building Your Dynasty: Keeper League Strategies

Bobby McMann Staff Writer January 30, 2013 9:55PM EDT
As the fantasy baseball season winds down each fall, are you left yearning for more? While re-drafters will have to wait until the following March to get back into fantasy mode, those in keeper and dynasty formats enter the offseason with much to look forward to. Offseason trades, free agent acquisitions, minor league drafts and rule change discussions are all integral parts of the winter months in keeper and dynasty leagues.

For the fantasy owner that wants a year-round experience along with more control of shaping their team’s future, long-term leagues are the way to go. While a re-draft league offers the excitement of starting from scratch each season, keeper and dynasty leagues require a completely different approach. In the event your team is hit with a rash of injuries or underperforming players, you can remain a part of the action by strategically rebuilding for the following season.

What makes keeper and dynasty leagues different from each other? In keeper leagues, owners keep a limited number of players, typically between one and 10. The rules for who an owner can keep and for how long vary by league and that plays a huge part in the overall strategy.

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