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Pro Soccer Player to Miss Entire Season After Being Scored Upon

Mike Cardano Senior Fantasy Analyst January 31, 2013 4:37PM EST

This was apparently not the only time Amy was in this position...

Seattle’s new professional women’s soccer team, the The Reign Football Club, has lost one of its star players after she accidentally, unexpectedly, whoops and that happened, became pregnant.

Two-time Olympic gold-medalist Amy Rodriguez is expecting and will miss the 2013 inaugural National Women’s Soccer League season. The team’s head coach Laura Harvey revealed the 25-year-old’s pregnancy wasn’t planned in a statement on the team’s Facebook page.

“Amy’s pregnancy came as quite a surprise and has introduced some challenges that we are now beginning to work through,” Harvey wrote on Facebook.

The soccer team will also start the season without Megan Rapinoe and Teresa Noyola, who are playing in Europe. Harvey said they are looking for players, preferably lesbians (obvious), without contracts who they can sign in the meantime.

“We expect a huge boost mid-season when Rapinoe and Noyola join the club, but in the meantime we will address the gaps created by the absences of Rodriguez, Rapinoe and Noyola through free signings and the supplemental draft next week.”

Rodriguez, known as A-Rod to her teammates, is a forward for The Reign and is also a member of the United States’ National Women’s Soccer team. She played for the U.S., winning in both the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and last year’s London Olympics.

The Reign will begin play this season in the new eight-team National Women’s Soccer League that will receive support from the United States Soccer Federation, the Canadian Soccer Association and the Mexican Football Federation. Earlier this month 55 players, 23 from the United States, 16 Canadians and 16 Mexicans, were allocated to eight clubs in the new National Women’s Soccer League. Rodriguez was one of the stars of the 23 Americans. The allocation of players was an early step in building the league and U.S. Soccer is subsidizing the salaries of the 23 US players.

Amy Rodriguez married her water polo star husband Adam Shilling in 2011 and the two are obviously excited about the new addition to the family. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that Dan Marino is the father of the expected child


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