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Tim McCullough Managing Editor February 20, 2013 12:10AM EDT
RotoExperts recently held its first mock draft of the 2013 draft season, a NL-Only draft of 23 players using a standard 5X5 scoring configuration. This was a 10-team league, drafting two catchers, one each at 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, and CI, five OF and nine P. The full results of the draft are available for download in .pdf form right here.

The early rounds of the draft were somewhat unremarkable, as most of the picks taken were in their expected draft slots. Sifting through the comments from the staff, most seemed concerned with picks between Round 5 and Round 14, which brings up a salient point. After the first three or four rounds, team managers start to reveal their real strategies, whether it’s a position scarcity, category scarcity or a dominance play (where one corners the market in a particular category or position). Keeping a close eye on the picks in those rounds is crucial to your success.

The “middle” rounds in a mono-league draft are where the rubber hits the road. The scramble to fill roster holes with quality players becomes most intense in this section of the draft, as managers continuously try to predict which players can be left on the board for future picks, only to have hopes dashed when their coveted players are scooped by someone else. So while the analysis and commentary will focus on those middle rounds, we’ll take a look at the whole draft, some rounds individually and others in groups, to see where the values came, as well as where the mistakes were potentially made.

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