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Bobby McMann Staff Writer May 2, 2013 7:56AM EDT
Over the past seven seasons, Matt Cain has been one of the most durable and reliable arms in Fantasy baseball. Over the past four seasons, he has been a surefire Top 15 pitcher. So far this season, Cain has given up 25 ERs and 9 HRs in his five starts. It looks ugly now but at the end of the season, his numbers will be in line with the past few years. To acquire Cain, you are still going to have to give up a good amount, but maybe not as much as you might have a month ago. Given his track record, Cain makes an excellent buy low target should his owner be growing impatient with his early season struggles.

At Rotoexperts.com, we are constantly discussing buying low and selling high to maximize value in Fantasy leagues. In a keeper/dynasty league, while not impossible, you will find it more difficult to buy low on a consistent stud like Cain. What you can do is acquire talent at a discount in many cases because of a slow start or general underwhelming performance. What about players that are performing as expected but you think are capable of more in the future? That, my friends, is called buying high. (Please note: Future Considerations is a drug-free Fantasy zone).

In general, it is not a great strategy to buy high on a player, as you are likely to overpay based upon recent past production. In a keeper/dynasty league, however, if you are able to seemingly overpay now for future production, you can make some real gains. You have to pick your spots and identify players that have potential to grow. Here are five recommended Buy High candidates that can take their games to another level in the near future:

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