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Eddie Mayrose July 6, 2013 9:28AM EDT

I was very disturbed to read this week that the reason behind Josh Hamilton’s mini resurgence in Anaheim could be due to the fact that he’s gone back to chewing tobacco.  His attempt to break the chaw habit last season prompted some to say it was the reason behind ahis second half swoon.  Don’t know if I believed it then, or now, but my concern goes a little deeper than Fantasy baseball.  Hamilton’s story is one of resilience, determination and support, something about which we don’t read enough in this era of PED’s.  His comeback from drug addiction is inspirational; transcending the sport.  If breaking the tobacco habit coss him a season, that’s OK with me. I’ll find somewhere else to replace Hamilton’s power stats.  But I’d really like to see him beat this one, first.

And, while I’m not on the subject, Yasiel Puig belongs in the All Star Game

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