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Scott Engel Managing Director September 18, 2013 7:29PM EDT
The trade of Trent Richardson to Indianapolis does nothing but boost his Fantasy appeal. He is going to a team with a much better offense that will put him into position to score more consistently. With Andrew Luck throwing effectively on a regular basis, Richardson will be in position to finish drives off more often.

Richardson now has a complement in Ahmad Bradshaw that can help him stay fresh and ensures that he will not be overworked. Injuries have been a frequent concern about Richardson in his short pro career; they now become a little less of a concern. Still, his violent running style will continue to expose him to the potential for missed time, although the chance of injury now seems somewhat reduced.

In an improved offensive situation, Richardson’s Fantasy appeal definitely rises. Overall, I would still rank him behind Adrian Peterson, LeSean McCoy, Doug Martin, Marshawn Lynch and Jamaal Charles. If he can somehow stay healthy in this new situation, though, he could rival the overall production of anyone other than possibly Peterson and McCoy, if the latter can sustain his early pace.

Bradshaw now gets bumped into a conceivably secondary role and past maybe this upcoming week, will not be worth starting consideration anymore. Richardson is likely not familiar enough with the Colts offense to make an instant impact this week, especially against the 49ers. Bradshaw also now has less injury risk with less work, but now he is looking more like a change of pace player and a Fantasy handcuff.

The Browns are reportedly ready to sign Willis McGahee, but after not being on a preseason roster and missing the first two weeks, you cannot expect much from him right away. McGahee is worth an add, but not over James Starks if you need help in the shorter term. He could have better long range appeal, so you will need to consider whether you need immediate help or can stash McGahee for a few weeks to truly feel his impact. If you need help now, you may have to add another RB for this week.

In the shorter term, Chris Ogbonnoya and Bobby Rainey may share some playing time. Ogbonnoya is the better Fantasy add, as he is more of a physical runner who can handle a bigger workload than Rainey, and Ogbonnoya should get any possible goal-line opportunities. Rainey is more of a complementary type who has nearly minimal Fantasy appeal and should only be added if you are desperate.


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