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Scott Engel Managing Director January 2, 2014 5:57PM EDT
Here are the King’s overall ranks for the NFL Playoffs for your Fantasy purposes. Ranks are based on potential for most games played, advancement, and overall production. The ranks are powered by FantasyPros.com.

Here are my quick-hitting ranks of the playoff teams for Fantasy purposes.

1. Denver – Should take the AFC and the safest choice to make it to the final game.
2. Seattle – Predicting who can knock them off is fun, but easier typed than accomplished at the C-Link.
3. San Francisco – The most balanced team entering the postseason.
4. New England – Brady can still take them far, beating Manning will be biggest obstacle.
5. Carolina – A year away, just not enough offensively
6. Cincinnati – If Dalton curbs errors, they could be a real darkhorse.
7. Green Bay – Rodgers makes them a contender, but defense an issue.
8. Kansas City – If the defense plays its best, they can hang with anyone in the AFC.
9. New Orleans – They won’t win more than one playoff game on the road.
10. Indianapolis – Andrew Luck can duel with anyone, but not enough otherwise.
11. San Diego – Enough guile to win one game.
12. Philadelphia – Played in a weak division, slightly overrated.

Fantasy Football Projections powered by FantasyPros

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