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Fantasy Baseball: Carlos Santana Won’t Rock Until Summer

Tim McCullough Managing Editor May 9, 2014 3:14PM EDT
Here at RotoExperts we’re being bombarded with questions via Email Advice, Twitter, our Sirius XM radio programs and The FNTSY Network about whether to drop or trade underperforming players. Throughout April and right up to the current moment, my answer has been the same; it’s not time to panic just yet. However, it won’t be long before you’re going to have to make hard decisions about slumping hitters who are dragging your team down in the standings of your Fantasy leagues.

There is still time for most players to turn things around; any hitter can have a bad month, especially in April, when pitchers generally have the upper hand. However, a hitter’s full history can provide clues as to whether a turnaround can be expected. It can also tell us whether we’re seeing the continuation of a decline phase that portends disaster further down the line.

So let’s closely examine the histories of some slumping hitters to see if you should be considering a trade or an outright dump in the not too distant future. Remember, we’re looking for a decline in the skill metrics, not just a decline in counting statistics or batting average.

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