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Fantasy Football: Contract Year Players – Part 1

Mike Blewitt Staff Writer June 29, 2014 1:50PM EDT
Ah, the contract year.  It’s the beacon of hope for NFL players pining for recognition and a chance at long-term security to take them through the next phase of their career. Many players attempt to take advantage of this potential lottery ticket and most fail to deliver.

But, there’s always a few who cash in, and we’ll frame those select few to keep an eye on in the 2014 season. We will focus on players who are eligible to become free agents next spring, even though several have been locked up so their teams didn’t have to risk financial competition from other teams – hello, Colin Kaepernick, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman!

We’re not predicting paydays or franchise tags, just those players who could see a bump in production for our beloved (or loathed) Fantasy teams. We are going to break this into two parts, with Part Two focusing exclusively on the monster wide receiver class of 2015. For now, we make our way through the other offensive skill positions in Part One to find lightning in a contract year bottle.

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