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DeflateGate Fallout: Bill Belichick Hangs Tom Brady Out To Dry

Mike Cardano Senior Fantasy Analyst January 22, 2015 10:40AM EST

Belichick – “Talk to Tom about his preference with the balls.”

As I said yesterday, the news that will come out over the next week is going to knock your Aunt Connie’s socks off. As for my Aunt Connie, well, she’s now sock-less…

In his press conference this morning, Bill Belichick claimed he had no knowledge of anything having to do with the DeflateGate topic. In fact, the convicted SpyGate coach claimed that he didn’t even know what the process was with regard to the inflation requirements of the balls and the chain of command having to do with the balls on game day. Seriously Bill, who are you, Sergeant Schultz (I see nothing!)? For a coach who is renowned for his attention to preparation and famous for exploiting lesser known rules to take advantage of his competition, it’s hard to believe that truth serum hasn’t replaced blood in his veins at this point.

The best part of course is that Belichick pinned the deflated footballs on his All-World quarterback, Tom Brady, suggesting that the media, “Talk to Tom about his preference with the balls” [at Brady’s press conference].

How great is this going to be if Brady throws the ball back in Belichick’s court… I can’t imagine a more chaotic Super Bowl XLIX media week if the two allies turn adversarial and start pointing the finger at each other. This is the type of things movies are made of.

We have yet to hear from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who of course has no blood on his hands having to do with anything that’s transpired this season. It will certainly be interesting to see what penalties he doles out and to whom. As I mentioned yesterday, I expect him to come down harder than most observers expect if for no other reason than to try and make it seem like he’s on top of things, correcting his prior (not being on top of things) multiple blunders and trying to clear his own name, which isn’t exactly synonymous with telling the truth right now.

Stay tuned, we are just getting started. This is almost as fun as playing Fantasy Bachelor


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