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Statclash experience is quick and friendly

Statclash experience is quick and friendly

Scott Engel, Managing Director June 14, 2014

For a lot of Fantasy players, the daily game can be very intimidating. There’s a lot of people out there winning a lot of money, and there is seemingly so much to learn about how to play and compete in the daily space.

For those hesitant to take the leap into the daily world, or newbies looking for a friendly start, I’d recommend Statclash as a place to go first. The on-screen tutorials and instructions make it super easy to get started. They hold your hand graphically on everything from how to sign up for free to how to use the lobby. Registration is as fast as Billy Hamilton going from first to third. Once you’re in, they even point you to where to view your account and how to get to the game lobby. It’s so easy, even I can compete in a World Cup free roll.

And that’s exactly what I did. Using the clickable buttons in the lobby I was quickly and easily registered in the $10 World Cup Free Roll. The buttons made sorting super easy in terms of what games and entry fees I was looking for. Because I know as much about soccer as Tony Romo does about the Super Bowl, I lifted a lot of picks from a real RotoExpert on the subject. I was registered and had a team submitted in less than 15 minutes.

I’ll be playing baseball on Statclash very soon. I know that sport a lot better and with my hectic schedule, I’ll be able to pop my lineup in and keep moving. Statclash is also great for the very busy person who wants to keep playing Daily Fantasy games. But for those just getting started, follow my path to getting registered and involved. And make sure you study much more than I did for the World Cup game. Yet the fact even I was able to compete here in a soccer game shows you just how welcoming the Statclash experience can be.

Pirates-Mets pregame DFS Insider Report from Citi Field

Pirates-Mets pregame DFS Insider Report from Citi Field

Scott Engel, Managing Director May 27, 2014

This could be the ideal night to use Mets starter Jonathon Niese. He has been the Mets’ best starter so far this year, and matched up against Edinson Volquez, he could actually get some run support tonight.

While David Wright emphasized to me that the change at hitting coach may not produce immediate results, Volquez is 0-3 with a 6.32 ERA over his career at Citi Field. Wright said he has faced Volquez enough to know what he offers. Wright is 2-for-10 against Volquez, and noted that the Pittsburgh starter mixes his pitches well. If the Mets are going to start to dig out of their offensive hole, though, beginning tonight, Wright is the guy to lead them, so do not hesitate to use him.

Juan Lagares has two hits in two at-bats against Volquez, and while he agreed that such a small sample size is far from any guarantee of success, he said he felt very comfortable against Volquez the last time he saw him. If you need a lineup filler in the outfield, Lagares is worth a risk. Lefties are hitting better than righties against Volquez this year, but if the Mets are going to get any spark, it could be from Lagares at the top of the lineup.

Gaby Sanchez is a well-known Met killer, and is 5 for 21 against Niese. Neil Walker, though, may be the guy to tab from the Pirates lineup. Righties are faring better than lefties against Niese this year, and Walker seems to know Niese well enough after six career at-bats against him. He said that Niese has a good sinker and a slider he must watch for, but he’ll be looking for pitches up in the zone, because if Niese can keep the ball down in the zone, he added, he’ll be very successful tonight.

Weather may be the biggest hurdle to overcome here tonight. Forecasts are calling for a consistent 50 to 60 percent chance of rain through at least 10 pm ET. So start any guys from this game at your own risk.

Diamondbacks-Mets pregame DFS report from Citi Field

Diamondbacks-Mets pregame DFS report from Citi Field

Scott Engel, Managing Director May 23, 2014

The weather forecast for tonight at Citi Field is not promising. The offensive outlook is not too bright either. Weather wise, it’s not looking good between 8 and 11 pm tonight. If the Mets and Diamondbacks are able to start the game, they may not be able to finish due to rain.

The Mets customarily do not fare well against starting pitchers they have not faced before, and Chase Anderson is a rookie they have no experience against. Daniel Murphy said in pregame he is not going to change his approach, he’ll primarily be looking for fastballs around the plate if he can get them. The Mets are just not hitting well at home, and if the weather forecast was not bleak, he would make a good daily option tonight.

The Diamondbacks don’t offer much against Bartolo Colon either. Their best hitter, Paul Goldschmidt, told me he has not seen Colon before. When Arizona’s best hitter is unsure of what to expect, the outlook can be good for Colon. Both pitchers would be good plays if the rain was not such an impending factor. Avoid this game tonight, but the offense could be sparse in this series, so consider Josh Collmenter on Saturday.

Dodgers-Mets report from Citi Field: Big on Beckett

Dodgers-Mets report from Citi Field: Big on Beckett

Scott Engel, Managing Director May 20, 2014

This could be a really good night to run with some Dodgers, especially Josh Beckett. The Mets are anemic on offense, especially at home, and even the Mets hitters who have seen him before could struggle against the veteran Dodgers starter.

Lefties hit .318 against Beckett last year, but when the left-handers are the likes of Lucas Duda and especially Curtis Granderson, that bodes well for Beckett’s success tonight. Granderson is 11 for 37 all-time against Beckett, but told me pregame that he has not seen Beckett in approximately two years and Beckett may not be the same type of pitcher he was when he last saw him. Chris Young is 3 for 10 against Beckett but told me he had not seen him in some time either, and needed to watch more video on him pregame. Beckett looks like a prime start in any daily format tonight.

Meanwhile, a Dodgers lineup that features a rising Dee Gordon and notable veterans could be tough on Mets rookie starter Rafael Montero. One Mets insider told me that Montero has a “flat fastball” and he’ll get in a lot of trouble tonight if he does not locate well. Carl Crawford is looking particularly sharp in batting practice and could be one of the better plays in the Los Angeles lineup. Yasiel Puig is depositing bombs into the center field apple in Citi Field and appears primed for a big night.

Phillies-Mets pregame report from Citi Field

Phillies-Mets pregame report from Citi Field

Scott Engel, Managing Director May 9, 2014

There is some light rain pregame at Citi Field, but nothing to be really concerned about. Published forecasts don’t call for a true chance of rain until approximately 11 pm ET, so the teams should be able to get the game in.

When they do play, I am actually going to make what seems like a gusty call and recommend Curtis Granderson for daily purposes tonight. He has been showing some signs of getting back into form recently, and he has a lot of experience facing Phillies starter Roberto Hernandez. He is 17 for 41 against him lifetime with three doubles, three triples, three homers and six RBIs. Talking to Granderson pregame, he had a detailed scouting report on the Philadelphia starter. He noted that he has a good fastball and he will be watching for his off-speed stuff. Lefties hit .305 against Hernandez last year.

David Wright has not seen much of Hernandez, and said he was planning to watch more pregame video on him. He did note he has a good sinker, but it may be best to avoid Wright tonight and go with a lefty like Daniel Murphy.

Domonic Brown told me that he played against Jenrry Mejia in the minors and he remembers him being a hard thrower, but he has not seen him in a long time. Mejia has had a ton of trouble getting past the fifth inning this year, and righties are hitting .297 against him. Marlon Byrd no doubt has watched much video on Mejia, as he is a tireless researcher of opponents, and he is the prime righty in tonight’s lineup for the Phillies.