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Rookie Pitchers Worth Grabbing, Porcello Breaking Out, Miller Broken

RotoExperts Staff April 27, 2016 9:10AM EDT
Well, 2016 is already headed in an interesting direction for pitchers. In a day when teams like to delay service time in order to gain an extra year of arbitration/control, it’s rare to see highly touted prospects debut before their Super Two date. Well, we’re about to see our third high-quality pitching prospect of the young season, as the Twins recalled Jose Berrios this week. While the Rays already sent Blake Snell back down, we saw a nice glimpse of his potential along with Aaron Blair now being in the bigs for the Braves. This is just a taste of what baseball has in store, as several others, including Tyler Glasnow and Lucas Giolito, will likely surface before long. Exciting times.

This week, we’ll dive into the three call-ups along with surprising Rick Porcello and disappointing Shelby Miller, plus your weekly list of streamers.

Below is a table to show you the range of SOBBs (K%-BB%) and the value they hold.

SOBB Rating
20.00-plus Terrific
16.00-19.99 Great
13.00-15.99 Good
11.00-12.99 Average
8.00-10.99 Poor
under-7.99 Awful

Aaron Blair, ATL – We’ll start with the youngster that’s still in the majors, for now. Blair was a bit shaky his first time out with 5.1 IP, three earned runs, two walks and one strikeout. Without even pulling up the K% and BB% numbers, you can figure out that means Blair had a negative SOBB. It sits at -4.8 after one start with 4.8 K% and 9.5 BB%. Obviously, Blair won’t finish with a negative mark – unless he struggles again and is sent down for the rest of the season. At the same time, though, we need to know what to expect.

Blair’s SOBB continually fell since his 2014 season in Single-A ball. In fact, it was just 9.2 last season while in Triple-A for the Diamondbacks. Blair has turned things around so far this year, as in three starts for the Braves Triple-A squad, he had a 24.6 SOBB with a 31.9 K%. That strikeout percentage was the highest of his career. While that looks enticing, Blair has a longer history of pitching around the league average with strikeouts and walks, so it’s doubtful that he’s suddenly a high-K pitcher. However, he is major league ready, and he can post a respectable ERA and WHIP. Blair has also held power hitters in check; he’s never had a HR/9 over 0.86. Blair can help with your ratios a tad and will put up some strikeouts, but pitching for the Braves hurts his win potential, as does his likely low-inning outings. He’s worth grabbing in deeper leagues, but shallow and likely even standard 12-team mixed leagues can hold off.

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