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Tough Week for Quarterback Injuries

Special from Virginia Zakas InsideInjuries.com December 27, 2016 1:04PM EST
Week 16 was the week of quarterback injuries. Here is a rundown of the biggest injuries from the weekend.

Derek Carr QB, Raiders: fractured fibula

Carr’s season is over and he will undergo surgery after suffering a broken fibula. His foot got stuck in the ground as he was sacked, causing his ankle to twist awkwardly. As he walked off the field he mouthed, “it’s broken” and unfortunately, he was right. The optimal recovery time will be around 16-20 weeks, so he should be ready to go at the start of the 2017 season.

Marcus Mariota QB, Titans: fractured fibula

Like Carr, Mariota is out and will need surgery to repair a fibula fracture. His leg was put in an air cast and he was carted off the field after the injury.

Carlos Hyde RB, 49ers: torn MCL

Derek Carr's broken fibula will keep him sidelined 6-8 weeks. Photo Credit:James Allison/Icon Sportswire

Derek Carr’s broken fibula will keep him sidelined 6-8 weeks. Photo Credit:James Allison/Icon Sportswire

After suffering a torn MCL, Hyde won’t play in the 49ers’ final game of the season. Hyde was hit low after making a short catch and fumbled, immediately grabbing his left knee. MCL tears usually heal on their own and don’t need surgery, so he should be healthy in about two months. Hyde has shown a lot of promise in his young career, but he always seems to be getting hurt.

Spencer Ware RB, Chiefs: rib injury

Ware is experiencing rib soreness and will undergo an MRI to check for any fractures or damage that he shouldn’t be playing through. If no fracture is found, he could play in Week 17 with extra protection to the chest.

Tyler Lockett WR, Seahawks: fibula fracture

As Lockett dove for a catch near the end zone, his leg got stuck and he suffered a serious injury. Lockett had to be put in an air cast and carted off. He will undergo surgery in a few days. There was blood everywhere near his ankle, which likely means the bone popped out and broke the skin. He may also be dealing with a tibia fracture. This is a serious enough injury that he may not be getting healthy until right up until the start of the 2017 season.

Thomas Rawls RB, Seahawks: right shoulder injury

Rawls reportedly just has a bruised shoulder, but he didn’t play in the second half yesterday. If it is just a bruise, he could play in week 17 but the Seahawks may try to be safe with him so he’s healthy for the playoffs.

Robert Griffin III QB, Browns: concussion

RG3 took a hit as he was being tackled, causing a concussion. He tried to return to the huddle but officials signaled that he needed to be checked for a concussion. He is now in the concussion protocol and in danger of missing the Browns’ final game.

Bryce Petty QB, Jets: left shoulder injury

After tackling Malcolm Butler following a fumble recovery, Petty laid on the ground for a while in pain. He said he felt something pop in his left (non-throwing) shoulder and was seen in a sling on the sideline. He will undergo further testing this week to determine the extent of the injury. He could have an AC sprain or a torn labrum or rotator cuff.

Jay Ajayi RB, Dolphins: AC sprain

Ajayi was in and out of the game late in the Dolphins’ overtime win because of an injury to his left shoulder. He said it was an AC issue but he will be fine. The Dolphins are heading to the playoffs and need Ajayi to be at his best if they want to advance.

Donte Moncrief WR, Colts: shoulder injury

Moncrief can’t seem to stay healthy. He missed time early in the season because of a scapula fracture, then missed a game last week because of a hamstring strain that he’s dealt with for a month. Now, Moncrief could miss the final week of the season because of a shoulder injury. We should learn more about the injury as he gets more tests in the next few days.

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