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    MTV The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Fantasy Game – Cast Preview, Rules & Picks

    RotoExperts Staff November 29, 2015 8:30PM EDT

    MTV The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Fantasy Game – Cast Preview, Rules & Picks

    I’ve made this as simple and non-time consuming as possible. Here’s the deal, every cast member of MTV’s The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines has been assigned a dollar value. You pick any six cast members for your Fantasy Challenge team, as long as the sum of their prices equal $100 or less. If you’ve ever played Daily Fantasy Sports (DraftKings, FanDuel, etc) you will be familiar with the salary cap structure of drafting players. All you have to do is pick your team before the first episode… AND THAT’S IT!!!! No changes. No upkeep. Just sit back, enjoy the episodes, and watch your team move up the standings.

    Fantasy Challenge: Sign up and Play for Free Here | Full Preview | Rules/How to Play/ Scoring System
    **Click “Play Now” then join a “Public League” to Play**

    Now, I don’t need to sell you on The Challenge, that takes care of itself. However, to get you HYPED for Fantasy Challenge, I got the Mel Kiper of Reality TV analysis, Paul Shaughnessy, in studio to preview the entire cast, how to play Fantasy Challenge, and what to expect for the upcoming season. Plus, the top strategies to actually emerge victorious at the end of the season and walk away a champion. Yes, we’ve done this before. And yes, it’s equally as  awesome every time.

    The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines starts Wednesday, December 2nd at 10pm EST on MTV. So you have from now until then to sign up and pick a team. Enjoy.

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    MTV The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Fantasy Game: Notes

    CT and Faith are not listed in the cast, but do make cameos in the trailer. There’s no guarantee they appear in more than one episode, so take them at your own risk.

    You only pick your team once, before the first episode, and then it’s set for the season. You DO NOT make changes every week. So choose wisely.

    If you are found out to have searched spoilers, you will be immediately disqualified and I will find a way to publicly shame you.

    Although there appears to be teams on this season, you draft individuals for your Fantasy team, any six cast members you want – male or female.

    MTV The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Fantasy Game: Cast Prices

    ***Salary Cap: $100 for six players***

    • Johnny Devenanzio $25
    • Leroy Garrett $23
    • Vince Gliatta $22
    • Nany González $20
    • Cara Maria Sorbello $19
    • Cory Wharton $19
    • Camila Nakagawa $18
    • Dario Medrano $18
    • Raphy Medrano$18
    • Cohutta Grindstaff $17
    • KellyAnne Judd $16
    • Jenna Compono $16
    • CT $16
    • Jill Tuttle $15
    • Tony Raines $15
    • Candice Fowler $14
    • Abram Boise $13
    • Mitch Reid $13
    • Jamie Banks $12
    • Anthony Cuomo $12
    • Shane Raines $12
    • Aneesa Ferreira $11
    • Thomas Buell $11
    • Stephen Buell $11
    • Nicole Ramos $11
    • Faith Brown $8
    • Christina LeBlanc $7
    • Emily Reese $7
    • Brianna Julig $7
    • Larissa Nakagawa $7
    • Michael Boise $7
    • Rianna Polin $7

    MTV The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Fantasy Game: Rules

    Now, I certainly don’t have time to score this myself, but Rachel does. Rachel runs the Officially Unofficial Challenge Fantasy League. And it’s the scoring system I’ll be using for this league. So, if you have a scoring dispute, leave me alone and harass her @OfficiallyUnoff on Twitter, OK?

    MTV The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Fantasy Game: Scoring System

    • Making T.J. say, “You killed it”: 10 points
    • Making T.J. express verbal disappointment in you quitting: -5 points
    • Making T.J. verbally express his disappointment in anything else about your behavior besides quitting (not related to performance, so basically for being a jerk): 10 points
    • Winning the regular challenge: 15 points
    • Winning elimination challenge: 25 points
    • Winning final challenge: 100 points
    • 2nd place at final challenge: 30 points
    • 3rd place at final challenge: 10 points
    • Leaving show due to sickness or partner being kicked off/leaving: no points
    • Female Crying: 5 points
    • Male Crying: 20 points
    • Open-mouth kissing: 5 points per participant
    • Coitus (or pulling over covers in bed): 20 points per participant
    • Nudity: 10 points
    • Unilateral verbal beratement: 5 points
    • Multilateral Verbal Fighting: 10 points
    • Unilateral physical attack: 15 points
    • Multilateral Physical Fighting: 25 points (hard push and slapping counts in this category)
    • Being kicked off show for something other than injury: 100 points (must be eliminated outside of game play… this is basically fighting and/or Vinny-style sexual harassment)
    • Vomiting: 5 points (limit 2 per episode)
    • Peeing in public, non-toilet: 10 points
    • The Nany Bonus: (and she’s on this season!) if a player hooks up (open-mouth kissing or more) with more than 1 person in a single episode, they’ll receive an additional 5 points.
    • Winning Battle of the Ex-iled (or whatever this season’s equivalent may be): 5 points

    New this season!

    • Family hook up: 5 points (if both Bloodlines hook up in the same episode)
    • Family double hook up: 15 points (if both Bloodlines hook up with two people from the same Bloodline)

    MTV The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines Fantasy Game: Scoring Notes

    Flashbacks from previous challenges do not count towards scoring.

    Hook up clarification. If two players hook up (open-mouth kissing or more) more than once in an episode, they only get points once. If they hook up (open-mouth kissing or more) again on another episode, they get points again. So they can double up week to week, but not within an episode.

    The Marlon & Derek Rule: Anything that happened off camera/was not shown, does not count in scoring unless all participants in event (hook up, fight, etc.) acknowledge it occurred on camera during an episode of the show (not internet, After Show or Reunion).

    Anything that happens in internet exclusive videos or during the After Show or the Reunion Special does not count towards scores. Only the winner matters, if MTV does another losers tournament.

    The Pat Mayo Hour covers the entire scope of the Fantasy sports landscape from Football to Reality TV, daily and yearly leagues and everything in between. You can watch the Pat Mayo Hour every weekday at 3:00pm EST, 8:00pm EST and Midnight on FNTSY Sports Network. If you have a Fantasy question, general inquiry or snarky comment, ship it to Mayo at PatMayoHour@gmail.com and the best will be addressed on the show. 

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