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    2019 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Draft Strategy

    2019 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Draft Strategy premium
    Davis Mattek May 2, 2019 12:28PM EDT

    Strategy For 2019 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Drafts

    This is a fairly abnormal year for dynasty fantasy football rookie drafts. There is not a consensus number one overall pick and the first round doesn’t really feature any bonafide superstars other than Kyler Murray who plays a #Onesie position (cc: Living The Stream). There are also not one, but two, tight ends who have the potential to be selected in the first round of your dynasty fantasy football rookie draft. Combine all of this with the fact that most of the running backs selected in the actual NFL Draft had sup-par athletic profiles. Given all of this consternating information, I decided to take a look at what I would do selecting from each position in a 12-team PPR league using the guidelines from my top-40 ranked players.

    Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Draft Strategy Pick By Pick

    First Pick: I would be looking to trade out of this spot if at all possible. There is likely someone in your league who really believes in Josh Jacobs and wants them on their dynasty team. Josh Jacobs is an average running back who graded out poorly as a prospect and went to a team in flux. Your first pick in the second round has a handful of super valuable names (Noah Fant, D.K Metcalf, even Diontae Johnson) and you should be able to pick up some excess value by moving back even three or four spots. If you’re a Josh Jacobs believer, you should of course stay, but because my year-over-year projection for him is not super kind, I like the trade back.

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