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    2019-20 NFL Playoff Fantasy Football Rankings

    2019-20 NFL Playoff Fantasy Football Rankings premium
    Davis Mattek December 30, 2019 4:02PM EDT

    2019-2020 NFL Playoff Fantasy Football Rankings

    No one ever wants to QUIT playing fantasy football. In fact, if we could get fantasy football year-round, I am pretty sure most of us would sign up. Thankfully, NFL playoff fantasy football exists and you can play in many different formats and at all different stakes. Michael Leone and I did a full podcast on the SportsGrid Fantasy Football Podcast feed detailing our strategies for the NFC and FFPC high-stakes NFL playoff fantasy football formats but many of you are likely just playing in snake-drafts with your friends or pools on ESPN/CBS/Yahoo! that can have a vastly differing array of skillsets.

    These rankings (which will be updated before Wildcard Weekend as we get more information and after each round) are meant to be instructive for player choice in the large field formats but also for your drafts with your friends and family. The key tenants that you need to weigh with each player is simple: how do they perform in an average game vs. how likely it is that their team advances. Davante Adams is a great example of this; while he projects better on a game-by-game basis than Tyreek Hill or Stefon Diggs or even Julian Edelman, Green Bay is so unlikely to play more than one game that he makes a fairly fishy selection in formats where you have to draft and hold a player vs being able to replace them round by round.

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