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RotoExperts Staff September 14, 2012 3:58PM EST
I’ve assembled the RotoExperts gang – we have sweet leather jackets and everything – again to answer the week’s most important Fantasy questions. To make sure we have you covered from every angle, SportsGrid’s Dan Fogarty joins the fray for Week 2.

Unfortunately, there’s very little we agree on as a group. So, to whom will you listen? Whose advice can best earn you the right to hoist the decrepit trophy a league mate purchased nine years ago on special for $4.99? Who can be trusted to guide that which is most holy – your Fantasy team? This is America, so it’s up to you. But you’d be smart to choose me! Although that could very well be considered a slanted opinion.

What level of panic are you experiencing over Wes Welker’s week one performance?

Panic has not set in yet, but if he doesn’t see 6-plus targets this week I may raise my anxiety to threat level midnight. Pat Mayo

Meh. I’d probably put my worry level at about a 2. It’s concerning, but the Patriots ran the ball 30 times. When was the last time that happened? Josh McDaniels caters the game plan specifically to the opponent and with this major outcry for Wes Welker after Week 1, expect to see a heavy dosage of him in Week 2. No reason to panic quite yet. – Gregg Sussman

Zero. – Jennifer Millman

None. While New England’s offense may look for the long ball more often and the emergence of Stevan Ridley may prove to take away some of the short-yardage gains that Welker had last season, there is no reason to panic just yet. He’s still going to be a focal point of the offense, but Fantasy owners may want to temper expectations – he’s not going to have the season he did last year, but he’ll still get you points. – Sarah Bojarski

My BP is now 140 over 95 which means I need to increase my dose of Diovan just a bit. Could Bill Belichick be trying to drive his value down with Welker’s impending free agency? Hmmm… conspiracy theory, but not impossible to believe. However, I think Welker rebounds this week against the Cards at home. – Dr. Roto

No panic necessary. He may not match last year’s numbers, but especially in PPR leagues, he’ll still produce plenty. – Doug Anderson

It’s not Welker’s performance that has me panicking – it’s Stevan Ridley’s performance. In years past for all intents and purposes, Welker WAS the Pats’ run game. But now equipped with a legit RB and the mouths of Lloyd/Gronk/Hernandez to feed, things aren’t looking great for Welker owners. – Adam Ansell

Not a high level. He will still be a quality Fantasy WR2 this year even if the production drops. – Scott Engel

3 out of 10. Three catches for 14 yards is always alarming, particularly when all we heard in the offseason was that your role was diminishing and your team’s love of its two tight end sets would be the death of your fantasy production. A few things to curb the panic, though: Brady still loves him (good), of the 24 plays Welker was on the sidelines for on Sunday, only seven were pass plays (gooder), and it’s only Week 1 (goodest). – Dan Fogarty

None. Worry? That level is a 5/10. When you go from 80-plus percent of plays to 65 percent and swap with Julian Edelman, worries are warranted. – Jake Ciely

I would have to say higher than most. Call me crazy, but I think the Patriots are moving away from him on offense because they are planning on letting him walk next season. They brought in Greg Salas right before the start of the season, and he brings a similar skill set to the table. Another bad game and SELL SELL SELL! – Ian Riley

A little bit. I mean you have to worry about the tight ends already, then you got Brandon Lloyd out there and the fact that Ridley killed it last week. I thought he was overrated in the first place. – Adam Zdroik

Andrew Luck looks to have developed a sensual summer/winter, Harold and Maude-like relationship with Reggie Wayne, you comfortable ranking him inside the Top 20 at WR this week?

I ranked him inside the Top 20 last week and have him just outside my Top 10 this week. Being on a lousy team with a capable QB is a perfect storm for Reggie Wayne‘s Fantasy value. Pat Mayo

I think Reggie Wayne falls right inside the edge of top 20 receivers for Week 2. Not that his renaissance in Week 1 didn’t deserve it, but Austin Collie should be back this weekend (pending he didn’t get another concussion by time this is posted). Andrew Luck is going to rely on his veterans Wayne and Collie and while the defense will certainly focus on Wayne, he’s in the top 15-20 for me. – Gregg Sussman

The Top 20 might be a little high because crazy things happen in this league (hi, Kevin Ogletree), but, to that point, anything can happen. Wayne had an insane 18 targets last week (he caught nine), but the return of Austin Collie might impact the targets a little bit. Top 20 or not, I’m comfortable starting him for sure. – Jennifer Millman

No. While it’s hard to gauge how Minnesota’s defense truly is against the pass, it’s equally as hard to call Wayne a top option. Sure, he’ll fill in just fine as a low WR2/high WR3, but he’s not one of the elite guys you can count on week to week. – Sarah Bojarski

Considering that the Vikings secondary has let up a TD in every game to a WR since before the Johnson administration, I feel comfortable saying that Wayne will perform well in Week 2. – Dr. Roto

I’ll be Wayne’s huckleberry. Kerry Collins and Curtis Painter make Andrew Luck look like Johnny Unitas. Wayne is still a solid receiver and the Colts’ defense means he’ll be racking up plenty of garbage time receiving yards. – Doug Anderson

No. For one, Austin Collie should be back this week. But most importantly, the Colts were playing from behind a majority of the game. Wayne’s stock is definitely up and he should have a nice season, but he’s not a WR2 in standard leagues for me just yet. – Adam Ansell

Yes, Minnesota can certainly be vulnerable in the secondary. – Scott Engel

Yes. He’s Reggie Wayne, and he was targeted 18 times in Week 1. 18 times. – Dan Fogarty 

I have him at WR15, so I’d say yes. Touted him all offseason… still waiting for his call of appreciation. – Jake Ciely

Wayne is a proven performer. If Luck is going to pepper him with double digit targets on a weekly basis how can he not be? Ian Riley

First off, the Colts are at home against the Vikings. The Real Reggie should be started in every league. He’ll get the looks and there’s not much the Vikes will be able to do it about it. Plus, if Collie returns, he’ll steal some coverage. – Adam Zdroik

Are you convinced Adrian Peterson is all the way back? If so, does that make him a Top 5 RB for the season?

I’m drinking as much Adrian Peterson Kool-Aid as my stomach can hold. Here’s hoping I don’t wind up dead on a French Guianan floor. Pat Mayo

All Day AP is most definitely back. It seems like last week’s “game-time decision” nonsense by Leslie Frazier was just an effort of gamesmanship against the Jaguars. The machine was ready to play and play he did. You can read more of what I think about Peterson going forward in my Stock Watch column. – Gregg Sussman

To be Top 5 for the season, he’d have to beat out Arian Foster, Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy, Darren McFadden, Matt Forte, Maurice Jones-Drew … I don’t see it happening. He’s got a shot at No. 4 or 5 because of injury and different issues with the other RBs, but I have to see him do it in Week 2 before I say he’s all the way back. He sure looked good. – Jennifer Millman

I do think Peterson is back to the player that he was before. However, that doesn’t make him a Top 5 RB. Rather, he’s a great value for owners who drafted him in the third round or so. If he keeps playing at the level that he showed for Week 1, he will definitely finish the season as a Top 10 RB and be close to the Top Five. – Sarah Bojarski

I am convinced that AP is a medical marvel and genetic freak. I am also convinced that the Colts defense stinks. So, I will go with top 5 this week but not for the season. – Dr. Roto

Is he all the way back? Probably not. Top 5? In the conversation with DeMarco Murray, Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew and the big three. – Doug Anderson

He admitted he’s not all the way back, but that’s not what’s important. He came out of the game no worse for wear and scored. Tentative Fantasy owners know they can safely plug him into the lineup until told otherwise. As for the Top 5, I don’t know about the season, but right now, no chance. – Adam Ansell

Not fully, as he does lack his classic juke and cutback abilities, yet can compensate with power and vision. There is no “for the season” outlook on him, take it week to week. – Scott Engel

I am convinced that Adrian Peterson is not a human being. I am not convinced that he’s 100% back – even he says he isn’t – but he will be in four weeks. A that point, he’s undoubtedly a Top 5 RB. – Dan Fogarty

The fact that he looked THAT good in Week 1 makes me say yes, and yes. – Jake Ciely

Nope. The fact he came out of Week 1 no worse for wear is a positive, but I can’t go all in on one game against Jacksonville. – Ian Riley

Definitely not for the season. He said himself he’s not all the way back. Sure, he’ll probably have nice numbers against the Colts, but I just don’t see the success all season. – Adam Zdroik

Chris Johnson: Sell before his stock completely crumbles or stop reading immediately and go buy low?

Taking advantage of panic-stricken owners is tantamount to winning Fantasy championships. I wouldn’t give up the farm to get him, but I’m like Senator Clay Davis – I’ll take any player if they’re just giving him away. Plus, as the only back who touches the ball in Nashville, he’ll still clean up in PPR leagues. Pat Mayo

I bought low on CJ0K last year and that was a mess. This time, I’m just getting off the bandwagon, because there is no point. I understand it’s not all his team and his line has stunk, but what good is he if the line stinks? I’m sure he will have his break out games, but his Week 1 performance was more pathetic than anything he did in his disastrous 2011 season. I’m done with Johnson and you should be too. – Gregg Sussman

Buy low. I’d bet right now he finishes the Fantasy season with better numbers than Peterson, at least in PPR leagues. – Jennifer Millman

Sell. Owners played this game last year with Johnson and he disappointed based on his draft position. He said he’d be the top rusher this year; however, he is starting the season behind the eight ball based on Week 1. He’ll have a great week here and there, but unless you want to deal with that inconsistency, sell now. – Sarah Bojarski

This is the telltale game for CJ2K. He needs to have a breakout game against the mediocre Chargers defense before his value takes a huge hit. I would roll with him this week. – Dr. Roto

Buy low, but make it real low. A lot of people will be panicking because he looked like the 2011 version for one week. As a Chris Johnson owner, I know I’m panicking and ready to sell low. That’s why I recommend buying. That makes absolutely no sense, but he can’t be this bad. Strike while the iron is cold. – Doug Anderson

When you lollygag to the tune of four yards on 11 carries, your stock automatically completely crumbles. No sane Fantasy owner will give up what you passed on for CJ in a trade. At this early point in the season Fantasy owners are going to have to sleep in the bed they’ve made and wait this one out a few more weeks. – Adam Ansell

Sell. The offensive line is an issue and defenses would rather challenge Jake Locker to beat them right now. – Scott Engel

Sell. Sweet fancy Moses: sell, sell, sell. That offensive line is terrible. – Dan Fogarty

Buy low because the stock is down already with worries of last year again. If he repeats Week 1, well, at least you bought low. – Jake Ciely

Sell. He continually seeks the big play instead of settling for a few yards. His straight line speed is undeniable, but he doesn’t have elite make-em miss ability in short space. – Ian Riley

Everyone is going to say sell, which only means you should be looking to buy low. I don’t care that he’s a disappointment, CJ is still a workhorse RB and there aren’t many of them left. – Adam Zdroik

One player, available in more than 75 percent of leagues that can give you leg up in week 2?

The Cardinals are going to be down early and throwing often. Normally, that would make Larry Fitzgerald a popular target, but the Pats are great at taking away what opponents want to do. Leaving Andre Roberts free to roam, alone, on the opposite side of the field. Pat Mayo

Let’s go with Andrew Hawkins of Cincinnati. On a team with no clear cut WR2 after A.J. Green, Hawkins played the Percy Harvin/Randall Cobb role perfectly for the Bengals on Monday night. He’s Andy Dalton‘s security blanket, rather than Jermaine Gresham. Jay Gruden clearly wants to consistently get the ball in Hawkins’ hand so if you are in a PPR league especially, take a flyer on this playmaker. – Gregg Sussman 

Donald Jones. He had more than 40 yards in a TD against the Jets and with David Nelson out for the year, Ryan Fitzpatrick will need to look to someone other than Stevie Johnson to do the job. It’ll be Jones or Scott Chandler — pick your poison. – Jennifer Millman

How about 11 players? The Washington Redskins defense. The Rams offense is truly horrible and they just lost two key OL. This combined with a skittish Sam Bradford and a sub par WR corps tells me that the Redskins defense could have a big game. – Dr. Roto

The Bengals defense against those awful Browns. – Scott Engel

Jermaine Gresham. He figures to be targeted by Andy Dalton heavily moving forward, and has a sweetheart matchup this week.Dan Fogarty

Dexter McCluster. He led the Chiefs in targets in both the preseason and Week 1. It’s obvious his roll is expanding and the ingredients are there for him to become a PPR gem. – Ian Riley

The one and only Emmanuel Sanders. The big name WRs will be blanketed by the Jets corners, which will only leave Sanders open to rack up all the points. If you want more options, check out the latest Waiver Wire Power Rankings. – Adam Zdroik


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