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Adam Zdroik Staff Writer October 2, 2012 8:03PM EDT
These rankings encompass all major positions, and whether you’re in an easy living 10-teamer or ‘My team has no depth’ 14-player league, you’ll find who you’re looking for. I’ll even throw in some lesser-known commodities for those in 20-team leagues.

Ponder didn’t live up to expectations last week, but that doesn’t mean you can hate on him yet.

  1. Andy Dalton (CBS: 64%, NFL: 15%) – The ginger now has three straight good games and will get the Dolphins next. He should make it four straight games. Feast on the weak is what they say.
  2. Christian Ponder (CBS: 22%, NFL.com: 2.3%) – Don’t overreact, that’s the main thing here. Just because he wasn’t needed last week, doesn’t mean he won’t be needed again. Ponder will face the Titans next, which is another great matchup. As long as they don’t return a kickoff and a fumble for a TD.
  3. Russell Wilson (CBS: 73%, NFL: 53.1%) – The Panthers give up tons of points to anyone they play and Wilson might be in for his best game yet. Don’t forget Wilson hasn’t faced a sub-par defense yet.
  4. Matt Hasselbeck (CBS: 68%, NFL: 77.2%) – It looks like Hasselbeck will be the starter and that’s a good sign for the Titans. Chris Johnson looked better last week and Kenny Britt could be back as well.
  5. Ryan Tannehill (CBS: 12%, NFL: 1.8%) – Maybe he figured some things out last week, maybe he didn’t. It doesn’t matter because the Bengals are one of the worst defenses against the pass.
  6. Sam Bradford (CBS: 44%, NFL: 47.1%) – Bradford’s last two games have been against the Bears and Seahawks. Give him a break. If Tannehill can go for 400 yards against the Cards, what’s stopping Bradford?
  7. Ryan Fitzpatrick (CBS: 72%, NFL: 60%) – I know he plays the 49ers, but there’s still a chance to have a decent game. If Ponder can do it, he can.
  8. Brandon Weeden (CBS: 55%, NFL: 14.9%) – Weeden hasn’t been terrible and faces an inconsistent Giants defense. While it’s not the greatest matchup, he should be able to pile up yards.

Jacquizz Rodgers
can be a formidable DeMarco Murray fill-in this week against the Redskins.

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