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Cheers or Tears for Fantasy Baseball Relievers, Plus Streaming Pitchers

Jake Ciely Senior Writer April 27, 2017 10:12AM EDT
As we head into May, it’s time to look at a few relievers now that we have a decent sample of their performances. As always, relievers carry higher SOBBs than starters due to their ability to pitch “all out” during their abbreviated appearances. That’s why their table sees higher requirements to register as great or terrific.

As always, we use SOBB (breakdown here) as the initial base when projecting a pitcher’s future performance.

Range of starting pitcher SOBBs (K-BB%) and the values they hold.

SOBB Rating
20.00-plus Terrific
16.00-19.99 Great
13.00-15.99 Good
11.00-12.99 Average
8.00-10.99 Poor
under-7.99 Awful


Range of relief pitcher SOBBs (K-BB%) and the values they hold.

SOBB Rating
25.00-plus Terrific
20.00-24.99 Great
16.00-19.99 Good
12.00-15.99 Average
8.00-11.99 Poor
under-7.99 Awful


Cheers or Tears

Chris Devenski, HOU – I am highlighting Devenski for two reasons. First, Devenski is dominating batters this year with a 50.0 SOBB. Yes, 50! His K% is a ridiculous 52.1. In fact, Devenski has over three times as many strikeouts (25) as hits allowed (7) in 13.1 innings. He’s the new, and improved, Andrew Miller. Last year, Devenski had a 2.16 ERA with 104 strikeouts in 108.1 innings, which made him a valuable addition for Fantasy teams. This year, he’s on a new level. The second reason I am focusing on him is just as with Miller, Devenski has value in all leagues: Head-to-Head or Rotisserie and 15, 12 or even 10-team leagues. Savvy Fantasy Baseball owners have learned that high-strikeout relievers such as Devenski are more valuable than risky back-end rotation pieces. Don’t risky your team’s ERA or WHIP with a Rockies pitcher or another volatile option. Devenski, Miller and the like with give you low-end starter strikeouts with a top-end ERA and WHIP, plus even chip in a few wins.

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