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2017 Kentucky Derby Picks: Bets, Odds, Trends & Weather

Patrick Mayo Staff Writer May 5, 2017 10:31AM EDT

2017 Kentucky Derby Picks: Preview, Bets, Odds, Trends & Tips

FNTSY Sports Network’s Pat MayoCam Stewart & Tim AnderCUST preview the post positions, historic trends, and types of bets while making their Kentucky Derby Picks for the 143rd running for the roses at Churchill Downs on May 6th. Then, Matt Wiley joins the show to explain his research methods and the different bets he makes. He closes with a few of his Kentucky Derby Picks form the back of the field.

2017 Kentucky Derby: Picks & Preview | PodcastSecretariat vs LeBron | Research Methods | Quick Picks
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2017 Kentucky Derby Picks: Show Index

2:02 Odds & Postings
8:20 Secretariat vs LeBron
12:30 Types of Exotic Bets
16:26 Weather
17:55 Picks/Bets
23:39 Matt Wiley
24:13 Researching Mudders
26:08 Best Post Positions
28:29 Buyer or Better
30:26 Explaining Different Types of Bets
34:39 Inside Tips/Longshots

2017 Kentucky Derby Picks


Mccracken +700
Gunnevera +1400
Hence +2000


Mccracken +700
Gunnevera +1400
Hence +2000


Always Dreaming +550
Gunnevera +1400
Hence +2000

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2017 Kentucky Derby: Notes

Post Time: Saturday, May 6, at 6:34 p.m. EST

The weather is expected to turn wet during the day of the race. Follow along with live time weather report from the nears weather station

2017 Kentucky Derby: Mudders

2017 Kentucky Derby: Full Odds (From Bet365) 

Classic Empire +500 (Post 14)
Always Dreaming +550 (Post 5)
McCraken +700 (Post 15)
Irish War Cry +700 (Post 17)
Gunnevera +1400 (Post 10)
Thunder Snow +1400 (Post 2)
Practical Joke +1600 (Post 19)
Girvin +1600 (Post 7)
Gormley +1800 (Post 18)
Tapwrit +2000 (Post 16)
Hence +2000 (Post 8)
Irap +2000 (Post 9)
J Boys Echo +2500 (Post 13)
Battle of Midway +2500 (Post 11)
Lookin at Lee +2500 (Post 1)
Patch +3300 (Post 20)
State of Honor +3300 (Post 6)
Untrapped +4000 (Post 4)
Sonneteer +4000 (Post 12)
Fast and Accurate +6600 (Post 3)

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