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DraftKings Rolls Out New “Arcade Mode” Fantasy Game

Tim McCullough Managing Editor May 15, 2017 1:35PM EDT
DraftKings announced the rollout of a brand new Fantasy offering they’re calling Arcade Mode, which will be available for MLB beginning on Monday. Arcade Mode is a simplified Fantasy game with a quicker drafting experience, new scoring statistics and bonuses that will create higher expected point totals.

Arcade Mode is the first offering on DraftKings’ “game variants” platform, which will feature a wide variety of Fantasy games with different scoring rules, roster requirements, salaries and drafting formats. DraftKings is hoping that Arcade Mode and the other planned offerings will appeal to a broader base of users than their current format. For instance, Arcade Mode allows users to invite their friends to play via text, email, Facebook or Twitter whether they’re DraftKings users or not.Arcade Mode_logo-01

FNTSY Sports Radio Network host Tony Cincotta shared his views on Arcade Mode, “I love what DraftKings is doing here. Despite an upcoming merger, they continue to create more gaming scenarios for the user. The more options the better, I think this may appeal more to the casual player. If you don’t have time to research, the limited rosters will allow users to play in a reduced mode.”

Arcade Mode operates with a $50K salary cap under which users must choose one pitcher and five hitters regardless of position, and it must include players from at least two games with a maximum of two hitters per team. Contests will be made up of MLB teams playing around the same time of day. The expanded scoring includes a first hit bonus for any hitter once he records his first hit of the game and a Home Run/Stolen Base bonus when a hitter records both a Home Run and a Stolen Base in the same game.

Other scoring categories that are part of the Arcade Mode game and are not in the current DraftKings offerings include points for a sacrifice fly, a walk or a hit by pitch, as well as a plate appearance and a Grand Slam Home Run.

In November of 2016, DraftKings and FanDuel announced a merger that would combine the two companies into the single largest daily fantasy sports company in the United States. The official announcement cited June of 2017 as the earliest point at which the two companies would complete the merger. It is not known how Arcade Mode or the proposed “game variants” platform fits into the merger plans.

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