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Matthew Berry’s Fantasy Movie League Sold to National Cinemedia

RotoExperts Staff May 19, 2017 4:14PM EDT
ESPN Senior Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry has entered into an agreement with National Cinemedia, America’s Movie Network to sell Fantasy Movie League, a box office predictions game which he co-created. Fantasy Movie League is a hybrid of Fantasy sports competition and the popular world of entertainment and movies.FML

Fantasy Movie League is free to play at fantasymovieleague.com. Moviegoers become virtual theatre owners as they try to pick which movies will perform better at the box office over a weekend. Actual box office figures are used to determine the winner. Winners get prizes like movie tickets, t-shirts and other prizes donated by movie studio partners.

Fantasy Movie League attracts a younger, more gender-balanced audience than traditional fantasy sports, with 60% of players age 35 or younger. Since there are some 210 million people in the United States who consider themselves moviegoers, Fantasy Movie League has a broader potential fan base than all the major sports combined.

National Cinemedia intends to feature Fantasy Movie League on its NCM’s new Noovie cinema pre-show and digital channels, which reaches 750 million movie goers per year on 20,000 screens in over 1,600 movie theatres across the nation. Berry will remain active with Fantasy Movie League and Fantasy Movie League co-founders Eric LaVanchy and Larry Tobin will join National Cinemedia as part of the agreement

Berry commented on Fantasy Movie League, “I’m really excited about the partnership with NCM, and I’m thrilled to be bringing Fantasy Movie League to a larger audience at the movies,” Berry said. “I’m addicted to all sorts of fantasy gaming, but Fantasy Movie League has been a true labor of love for me because I’ve always been a huge film fan. With a 20% rise in fantasy sports over the past five years, the opportunities to partner with NCM on the next chapter for Fantasy Movie League couldn’t be better timed. We had over 100,000 players in our first year without any advertising, just word of mouth, so I can’t wait to see how many people join the game once they see it up on the big screen in theaters nationwide.”

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