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Steiner Sports Has Everything Dad Could Want For Father’s Day

RotoExperts Staff June 10, 2017 5:11PM EDT
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Father’s Day is somehow about one week away. Sure, it feels like you just figured out what to get your mom for Mother’s Day…but now you have to do even better. Unless your parents are divorced and then you can pretty much do the same level of gift. But what exactly should that gift be? What can you get your dad that is super cool and thoughtful and you haven’t done it before.

He probably has way too many #1 Dad mugs, is sick of being given golf shirts and golf hats, and has enough bathing suits that will him the next decade at least. Thankfully, Steiner Sports has you completely covered.

You can always get a ton of signed good from Steiner, but never in the awesome bundles that they are offering right now. Whether your dad is a contemporary Yankees fan that is super into Gary Sanchez or a traditional baseball man that has always revered The Duke, Steiner Sports is giving you the opportunity to give your dad both a signed bat and baseball of his favorite player.

Can’t choose a player? Then perhaps you should consider the 2009 Yankees bundle or the 1986 Mets bundle, which highlights the last championship team of each New York baseball squad.

Whichever you choose, just remember the goal is to make your dad happy. So don’t grab that signed bundle that only you’ll care about (sorry Lonny Chisenhall!) and choose one that will make your dad smile and appreciate! It’s Father’s Day…not you day. Unless you’re a father and then..well, get whatever you want!

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