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Is Something Wrong with Marco Estrada? K-Rod Getting His Job Back?

Jake Ciely Senior Writer June 15, 2017 10:43AM EDT

Can we find consistent value in Colorado? What’s wrong with Marco Estrada and is his teammate, one of the best closers in baseball? Could Francisco Rodriguez be on his way back? Time to break them down and provide Week 12 streaming pitchers in SOBB Your Way to Success.

As always, we use SOBB (breakdown here) as the initial base when projecting a pitcher’s future performance.

Range of starting pitcher SOBBs (K-BB%) and the values they hold.

SOBB Rating
20.00-plus Terrific
16.00-19.99 Great
13.00-15.99 Good
11.00-12.99 Average
8.00-10.99 Poor
under-7.99 Awful


Range of relief pitcher SOBBs (K-BB%) and the values they hold.

SOBB Rating
25.00-plus Terrific
20.00-24.99 Great
16.00-19.99 Good
12.00-15.99 Average
8.00-11.99 Poor
under-7.99 Awful


Cheers or Tears

Tyler Chatwood, COL – We all know the drawback of pitchers in Colorado, and few pitchers epitomize that more than Chatwood. This year, Chatwood has a 7.03 ERA, .301 BAA and .385 wOBA at home versus 2.41, .182 and .268 on the road. Let’s take a deeper look at those road numbers. Chatwood also has a 0.99 WHIP, 11.5 SOBB and 23.7 Hard% on the road. Not surprisingly, all of those numbers see a jump at home to 1.75, 5.6 and 33.3. Chatwood is also a significant argument against weekly transaction leagues. It’s Fantasy Baseball. More rules = less fun. Why implement weekly transactions? If someone gets hurt on a Monday or Tuesday, you’re screwed at that position the rest of the week. If Chatwood has a two-start week with one at home, you’re stuck taking a hit on the chin for one game or missing a great start by sitting him. As a smart owner, you know how to use Chatwood; he’s an ace on the road. With weekly leagues, you hurt the people who want to make daily moves (everyone should anyway) and reward those who “don’t have enough time.” In daily leagues, both types of owners get what they want. You can still set your lineup for the week on Sunday without penalizing those who like the added flexibility. Stop the weekly league nonsense… and start Chatwood for every road start and sit him when he pitches in Colorado.

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