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Pitching Mini-Planner for Week 15

Tim McCullough Managing Editor July 14, 2017 8:41AM EDT
Welcome to the Pitching Mini-Planner for Week 15. The All-Star break is over, and we’re ready to get back into the swing of things for the second half home stretch of the season. This is the time of the season to be a bit more cautious with all your decisions. By that, I mean that you should begin protecting your ratio stats very closely. There should be no more careless streaming of pitchers who can hurt your ratio statistics. Choose your matchups very carefully. We have enough data on hand to know which lineups can do a number on a pitcher and your stats if you’re not careful.

You should also be very careful with any trades you may be considering. In mono leagues, make sure you know for certain (in as much that’s possible) that the player(s) you are trading for won’t be moved to the opposite league. Some leagues do not permit carrying a player traded to the other league. Also watch out for relief pitchers on the move. There is an expectation that several current closers or late-inning setup men will be traded. They may be used in a different role with their new team. If you have roster space, it’s not a bad idea to stockpile some of the better setup men who may become closers. Be sure to check Jake Ciely’s SOBB and George Kurtz’ Closer report for more details about these pitchers.

Since we have just three days of games, there are no two-start pitchers to discuss. Check the grid below for my streaming recommendations; there aren’t many of them this week. The full Pitching and Hitting Planner for Week 16 will be up during the weekend. Good Luck in the second half.

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