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    Grab This Pitcher Off The Wire Before It’s Too Late

    RotoExperts Staff July 24, 2017 1:56PM EDT
    When looking back on the 2017 season, what will be the biggest storyline? Will it be the continued increase of home runs? Or maybe it will be the increased number of injuries. If I had to pick the biggest storyline of the 2017 season so far, it would be how brutal pitching is. From the injuries to the total busts, every team has been bitten by it at some point this year.

    In trade talks, pitchers are worth more this year, due to the lack of quality and safe options at the position.

    But if you look hard enough on the waiver wire throughout the year, you’ll be able to find some guys that have stood out. Brad Peacock, Alex Wood and Trevor Cahill are three guys off the top of my head that have had a Fantasy impact this year, but would you believe there is still a starter who could finish as a Top 40 pitcher the rest of the year still available on your waiver wire?

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