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Patrick Mayo Staff Writer October 11, 2012 4:48PM EDT
There aren’t enough sad face emotions in existence to properly express the gloom injuries and byes have brought to Week 6.

I want you to don your hypothesis chapeau for a minute – it’s hanging next to your conversation hat – and imagine you play in a 14-team league. Anchoring this particular team are Matt Forte, Marques Colston, Maurice Jones-Drew, Hakeem Nicks and Darren Sproles. Oh, Ryan Williams and Cedric Benson we’re reserves as of last week, but, as we know, they’re not with us anymore.

So what to do? Panic and cry? Only briefly. After downing some pure water to replenish precious bodily fluids, the next step is finding some favorable matchups to exploit. Exhaust every option. Unearth each stone. Because there may be two little men waiting underneath.

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