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The Top 200 Players for 2017- 2018 Fantasy Hockey

George Kurtz October 1, 2017 5:24PM EDT
There is really no such thing as a standard Fantasy Hockey league. Most leagues are customized in some way, so you will need to take this into account when looking at this Top 200 list. The basics should be the same, however. The center position is incredibly deep. There will be centers left over after the draft that you will be surprised weren’t drafted. This doesn’t mean you should pass up on the top centers in the first round. I still want Sidney Crosby or Connor McDavid if they’re available when it’s my turn to make a selection; but after the first round or two, I’m concentrating on wings.

Wings are nowhere near as deep as centers. That pool will dry up quickly and by the end of your draft, you will just be picking over the bones. When in doubt during your draft, pick a wing.

I tend to use defense to cover any categories that I might be deficient in outside of goal scoring. Sure, I want one Top 10 defender to anchor my team but after that, I use the position to solidify plus/minus, blocked shots, hits, or time on ice (league dependent). Defense is also deep, so I tend not to worry about waiting until the double-digit rounds to truly dig in there. As I mentioned earlier and can’t state enough, I’m looking for wings throughout my draft.

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