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Sorry Sherman, Tom Brady is still consistently perfect.

Bob Lung Staff Writer October 17, 2012 7:12PM EST
Personally I could care less what Richard Sherman and the Seahawks think of Tom Brady, he’s still perfectly consistent in the Fantasy Football world and that’s all that matters to me and the rest of his Fantasy owners. It’s tough to be perfectly consistent. In fact, there were quite a number of perfectly consistent Fantasy players who failed this week to maintain that status. The number of perfects at each position is down to two quarterbacks, five running backs, two wide receivers and one tight end.

Each week this season, the Quality Games Review will be here to assist you. It should help you see who is performing above average to help your team win, along with those who may be hurting your chances. As the year goes on, consistency trends will start to show the players that are becoming consistent performers and who are one-week wonders.

The Quality Game Score is the awarding of a Quality Game to a player each week when they exceed the average points scored in your league for that position. The more Quality Games a player is awarded each year, the more consistent that player is and the more beneficial they are to your Fantasy team. The scoring method used will be a standard PPR format with four points for passing touchdowns and six for all others.

So, let’s begin the review…


Quarterbacks – (Quality Game Factor – 18.27)

Quality Game Earners – Week 6

1Aaron RodgersGB42.60
2Robert Griffin IIIWAS37.90
3Andy DaltonCIN28.55
4Russell WilsonSEA28.35
5Josh FreemanTB27.90
6Michael VickPHI27.45
7Peyton ManningDEN26.25
8Tom BradyNE25.75
9Matthew StaffordDET25.25
10Sam BradfordSTL25.15
11Christian PonderMIN24.90
12Ben RoethlisbergerPIT22.55
13Carson PalmerOAK20.65
14Tony RomoDAL20.05
15Brandon WeedenCLE18.85


Aaron Rodgers appears to be fine after his six touchdown performance on Sunday night. Honestly, was anyone really worried? Regarding those quarterbacks who are getting back into the consistent flow, Matthew Stafford earned his third straight Quality Game this week. Peyton Manning’s amazing second half performance on Monday night allowed him to earn his fourth straight Quality Game and is now ranked fourth in total points. I know folks are down on Michael Vick this year, but from a Fantasy standpoint, he’s ahead of Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Philip Rivers, Cam Newton and Matthew Stafford in total points and has a 67 percent Quality Success Rate (QSR). You could have drafted some of those other quarterbacks.


Robert Griffin III  was a question mark this week after a concussion last week. So, if he performed decent, it would have been a bonus. However, he took the second spot this week and looked great doing it with a 76 yard touchdown run to boot. Andy Dalton continues to impress with his consistency. He’s earned four Quality Games out of his last five games played. Another 75 percent QSR player over his last five games is Christian Ponder. Both of these quarterbacks should be nice bye week pickups.

Here is a group of those bad surprises; quarterbacks who didn’t earn a Quality Game this week. Matt Ryan fell off the perfect bandwagon this week. Matt Schaub has a horrible 17 percent QSR so far this season.

18Philip RiversSD16.10
21Matt RyanATL14.95
22Eli ManningNYG13.45
25Matt SchaubHOU9.60

Consistency Leaders – YTD – Quarterbacks

Player NameTotal PointsRankTotal QGTotal GPQSR
Tom Brady142.15566100%
Drew Brees141.70655100%
Robert GriffinIII159.8515683%
Matt Ryan149.5035683%
Peyton Manning142.6045683%
Ben Roethlisberger111.70114580%
Matthew Stafford101.95184580%
Carson Palmer92.90234580%
Aaron Rodgers154.7524667%
Andy Dalton135.5074667%
Michael Vick128.4084667%
Eli Manning127.6094667%
Christian Ponder111.70124667%
Ryan Fitzpatrick106.70144667%
Andrew Luck109.70133560%
Jay Cutler85.25283560%
Cam Newton105.60152540%
Tony Romo88.65262540%
Philip Rivers103.55162633%

We are now down to only two perfects at quarterback so far this season. Tom Brady and Drew Brees are tough to hold down. Matt Ryan, Robert Griffin III and Peyton Manning are holding up the 83 percent QSR range while surprisingly the 80 percent QSR range consists of Matthew Stafford, Ben Roethlisberger and Carson Palmer.

However, the biggest surprise has to be Philip Rivers, who is at a 33 percent QSR so far this season. He’s not even consistent DURING the game! He had earned a Quality Game in the first half on Monday night and then turned around and had six turnovers in the second half to lose it!


Running Backs – (Quality Game Factor – 10.35)

Quality Game Earners – Week 6

1Shonn GreeneNYJ34.10
2Ray RiceBAL23.60
3C.J. SpillerBUF21.00
4Adrian PetersonMIN19.90
5Fred JacksonBUF19.30
6Ahmad BradshawNYG19.00
7Darren McFaddenOAK18.80
8LeSean McCoyPHI17.80
9Felix JonesDAL17.50
10Arian FosterHOU17.10
11Cedric PeermanCIN16.30
12Isaac RedmanPIT15.90
13Chris JohnsonTEN15.40
14Doug MartinTB15.10
15Willis McGaheeDEN13.80
16Montario HardestyCLE13.50
17Ryan MathewsSD13.30
18Alfred MorrisWAS12.60
19Mikel LeshoureDET12.40
20Danny WoodheadNE12.10
21Daryl RichardsonSTL11.90
22LeGarrette BlountTB11.80
23Reggie BushMIA11.10
24Steven JacksonSTL11.00
25DeMarco MurrayDAL10.70
26Mike GoodsonOAK10.60


The Buffalo running game is stronger than ever, as C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson took the third and fifth spots this week against a solid Arizona defense. Ahmad Bradshaw also destroyed a good run defense this past week for his third straight Quality Game and is now at an 80 percent QSR for the season. DeMarco Murray squeaked in this week, but a foot injury could keep him out for a couple of weeks, which should lead to Quality Games for Felix Jones in the future. Willis McGahee earned his third straight Quality Game and is now ranked ninth for the season.


Ah yes, another sign of the Apocalypse! Shonn Greene earns the top spot in Fantasy Football. I think its Revelation 1:5. Nope, that’s the Tebow one. Never mind. Cedric Peerman earns a Quality Game and BenJarvus Green-Ellis does not? Who are these people? The Anti-Christ? Oh wait, there are more of these! Montario Hardesty = Yes! Trent Richardson = No? Ok, I realize this was an injury one, but still! Danny Woodhead = Yes! Stevan Ridley = No? I give up.

Below is a list of some of the top running backs in football that did not earn a Quality Game this week. If this list doesn’t tell why there were a ton of unhappy Fantasy owners this past weekend, I don’t know what does.

27Frank GoreSF9.60
31BenJarvus Green-EllisCIN8.00
34Trent RichardsonCLE7.40
37Jamaal CharlesKC6.70
40Marshawn LynchSEA6.20
44Michael TurnerATL4.90
48Stevan RidleyNE4.40


Consistency Leaders – YTD – Running Backs

Player NameTotal PointsRankTotal QGTotal GPQSR
Ray Rice125.50166100%
Arian Foster122.30266100%
LeSean McCoy98.10666100%
Adrian Peterson94.80766100%
DeMarco Murray67.801955100%
Alfred Morris89.30105683%
Marshawn Lynch82.90135683%
Ahmad Bradshaw80.50144580%
Maurice Jones-Drew75.40164580%
Ryan Mathews61.00213475%
Matt Forte53.60263475%
Donald Brown37.60413475%
Trent Richardson104.6044667%
C.J. Spiller100.4054667%
Reggie Bush92.4084667%
Willis McGahee90.5094667%
Stevan Ridley86.50114667%
Frank Gore85.70124667%
Michael Turner76.40154667%
Andre Brown47.80312367%
Mikel Leshoure45.10332367%
Darren McFadden73.00173560%
Darren Sproles72.60183560%
Doug Martin59.10233560%
Cedric Benson54.50253560%
Jamaal Charles105.0033650%

There are only five perfects. You have the Holy Trilogy (Arian Foster, Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy) and Adrian Peterson and DeMarco Murray.

Even the 80-83 percent QSR range has only Alfred Morris as a surprise. The remaining backs were top draft picks in most leagues. Some of the surprises are the less consistent backs who were expected to be more consistent, like Steven Jackson, Chris Johnson and Jamaal Charles.


Wide Receiver – (Quality Game Factor – 10.85)

Quality Game Earners – Week 6

1Jordy NelsonGB39.10
2Dez BryantDAL34.50
3A.J. GreenCIN32.50
4Wes WelkerNE29.80
5Jeremy MaclinPHI25.00
6Percy HarvinMIN24.40
7Vincent JacksonTB22.60
8Eric DeckerDEN21.80
9Denarius MooreOAK21.40
10Mike WilliamsTB21.30
11Larry FitzgeraldARI21.30
12Calvin JohnsonDET19.50
13Roddy WhiteATL19.20
14Josh GordonCLE18.90
15Michael JenkinsMIN18.70
16James JonesGB18.30
17Victor CruzNYG17.80
18Mike WallacePIT17.40
19Randall CobbGB17.20
20Sidney RiceSEA17.10
21Kenny BrittTEN16.20
22Brandon GibsonSTL16.10
23Andre JohnsonHOU15.50
24Doug BaldwinSEA15.40
25Anquan BoldinBAL14.80
26Brandon StokleyDEN14.80
27Nate BurlesonDET14.60
28Steve JohnsonBUF14.20
29Brandon LloydNE14.00
30Reggie WayneIND13.70
31Marlon MooreMIA13.60
32Kendall WrightTEN13.10
33Mario ManninghamSF12.90
34Derek HaganOAK12.50
35Domenik HixonNYG11.80
36Demaryius ThomasDEN11.70
37Chris GivensSTL11.50
38Stephen HillNYJ11.30
39DeSean JacksonPHI11.00
40Malcom FloydSD11.00


That is the first time that Jordy Nelson has earned a Quality Game on the road versus a good defense in the past three seasons. The Top 10 this week doesn’t really have any no-names in it. Larry Fitzgerald continued his hot streak with his fourth straight Quality Game. Reggie Wayne stayed perfect for the season with his fifth Quality Game of the year. Andre Johnson earned only his third Quality Game of the year and has a meager 50 percent QSR for the season.


Looking for some consistent waiver wire potentials? These receivers have earned three straight Quality Games and could be waiting for you to pick them up: Kendall Wright, Denarius Moore, James Jones, Randall Cobb, Nate Burleson and Anquan Boldin. Waiver wire receivers with back-to-back Quality Games are: Chris Givens, Josh Gordon, Mario Manningham and Malcom Floyd.

Here is the list of top wide receivers that didn’t earn a Quality Game this week. Antonio Brown fell off the perfect list this week.

41Torrey SmithBAL10.40
42Julio JonesATL10.30
57Hakeem NicksNYG7.40
61Antonio BrownPIT6.00
66Miles AustinDAL5.10
67Dwayne BoweKC5.10

Consistency Leaders – YTD – Wide Receivers

Player NameTotal PointsRankTotal QGTotal GPQSR
A.J. Green142.90166100%
Reggie Wayne111.30655100%
Victor Cruz128.6025683%
Percy Harvin121.3035683%
Wes Welker121.2045683%
Demaryius Thomas102.0085683%
Brandon Lloyd80.10235683%
Brandon Marshall102.6074580%
Calvin Johnson96.80114580%
Danny Amendola83.30194580%
Dez Bryant82.40204580%
Mike Wallace79.60244580%
Miles Austin71.10334580%
Antonio Brown69.90344580%
Nate Burleson65.20394580%
Lance Moore59.70443475%
Denarius Moore57.70483475%
Roddy White116.3054667%
Larry Fitzgerald97.0094667%
Jordy Nelson97.00104667%
Eric Decker96.10124667%
Dwayne Bowe94.30144667%
James Jones92.00154667%
DeSean Jackson80.60224667%
Anquan Boldin77.20254667%
Steve Johnson76.60264667%
Randall Cobb74.40284667%
Malcom Floyd72.80304667%
Vincent Jackson81.00213560%
Mike Williams66.20383560%
Steve Smith59.80433560%
Julio Jones91.80163650%
Andre Johnson72.80293650%
Kendall Wright72.50313650%
Andrew Hawkins72.20323650%
Michael Crabtree69.70353650%
Jeremy Kerley60.50413650%
Sidney Rice60.00423650%
Brandon Gibson59.50453650%

There are only two perfects remaining. There is one (A.J. Green) with six games and one with five games (Reggie Wayne). So far, Green is dominating the receivers in total points just like Calvin Johnson did last season. Demaryius Thomas is my pick as biggest surprise in the 83 percent QSR range. I expected a solid season from him but he’s exceeding many expectations so far with his consistency.

The surprises that are not as consistent as they have been in the past are as follows: Jeremy Maclin, Marques Colston, Andre Johnson and Julio Jones. All of these receivers are at 50 percent QSR or below.


Tight Ends – (Quality Game Factor – 9.40)

Quality Game Earners – Week 6

1Antonio GatesSD26.10
2Kyle RudolphMIN17.60
3Jermaine GreshamCIN15.80
4Aaron HernandezNE15.00
5Jason WittenDAL14.80
6Tom CrabtreeGB14.20
7Anthony FasanoMIA13.30
8Heath MillerPIT12.70
9Rob GronkowskiNE12.10
10Joel DreessenDEN11.70
11Brandon MyersOAK11.20
12Tony SchefflerDET11.10


FINALLY! That’s what many of the Antonio Gates’ owners yelled after Gates earned his first Quality Game of the season. However, the next question is: Can he keep up the consistency with the poor and inconsistent play of Philip Rivers? My initial thought is no. Aaron Hernandez was back this week after missing four games. He earned his second Quality Game out the two he’s played leaving him as the only perfect tight end. Rob Gronkowski added his fourth Quality Game as well this weekend and is now ranked second in total points.


Kyle Rudolph earned his fifth Quality Game and now is tied with Tony Gonzalez and Owen Daniels with an 83 percent QSR. The two hottest consistent tight ends right now are Jermaine Gresham and Joel Dreessen. They have both earned four straight Quality Games. Heath Miller continues his consistent ways this season and is now at an 80 percent QSR for the year and is ranked sixth in total points.

Here are the top tight ends that didn’t earn a Quality Game this week. Tony Gonzalez and Owen Daniels both fell off the perfect wagon this week.

17Tony GonzalezATL8.20
19Owen DanielsHOU7.60
20Fred DavisWAS7.60
22Brent CelekPHI7.30
23Brandon PettigrewDET6.80
24Vernon DavisSF6.70
32Jermichael FinleyGB3.20
47Dustin KellerNYJ1.60


Consistency Leaders – YTD – Tight Ends

Player NameTotal PointsRankTotal QGTotal GPQSR
Aaron Hernandez33.402822100%
Tony Gonzalez110.0015683%
Owen Daniels79.7045683%
Kyle Rudolph77.5055683%
Heath Miller72.7064580%
Jimmy Graham68.2074580%
Brandon Pettigrew57.10164580%
Brandon Myers50.00214580%
Rob Gronkowski81.6024667%
Vernon Davis81.0034667%
Jermaine Gresham67.6084667%
Brent Celek66.7094667%
Joel Dreessen50.30204667%
Jason Witten60.60143560%
Greg Olsen57.30153560%

With basically no perfects left, the tight ends are still very deep as there are seven tight ends over an 80 percent QSR so far this season. Granted that many of them were not expected to be performing at this kind of consistent levels, but they are, and Fantasy owners should take notice. Kyle Rudolph, Heath Miller and Brandon Myers are becoming strong forces on their respective team’s passing game and should benefit Fantasy owners who have them.

There’s your Week 6 list of Quality Games earned. Start watching these Quality rankings to find your next gem on the waiver wire and then let me know how they work out in your drive towards the championship!


Week Seven – Quality Matchups

My Quality Game research has also shown that most Quality Games are earned during a Quality Matchup. This is a game where the player is either playing at home OR away versus a bottom ten defense. If you want more analysis to help with setting your lineup each week, check out the Xclusive Edge Package and you will see the Historical Consistency rankings each week.

So, let’s take a look at the schedule.


These teams have a bye this week:

Atlanta, Denver, Kansas City, Miami, Philadelphia and San Diego


This week’s home teams are:

San Francisco, Minnesota, Carolina, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, New York Giants, Houston, Buffalo, Indianapolis, New England, Oakland, Cincinnati and Chicago


Teams that are playing away versus a bottom ten defense include:

Dallas @ Carolina

Jacksonville @ Oakland

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

Tennessee @ Buffalo


As I mentioned above, the Fantasy players on these teams in these Quality Matchups have a much higher rate of performing above average in comparison to the other players at that position.

If you have any questions about the Quality Game Scores, you can email me at blung@rotoexperts.com. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Listen to me live on Sirius channel 210 and XM channel 87 every Friday mornings at 9:30 am ET

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